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Dan Holzman 02-08-09 02:10 PM

Stuff I learned
I thought I would start a thread where people could give out tips and knowledge they have gained through the school of hard knocks that is street performing. I'll start with one I learned last Sunday.

Tip #1 if you give a kid volunteer something that is even the slightest bit breakable, sooner or later one of them will break it.


Lee Nelson 02-08-09 03:04 PM

heavy shit
Rule No 2

Whatever you use in your show you have to also get it to the pitch.

Juggalicious 02-08-09 03:16 PM

Rule #3
Never think you can win in a fight against a break dancing group.

Isabella 02-08-09 05:56 PM

rule #4 - Everyone knows EVERYONE. Even if they aren't buddies. Even if they're hated. Your rudeness to anyone will become the stuff of legend. If you think you might have stepped on someone, buy beer. If you stepped on them on purpose, step hard enough so that the world learns the size of your balls.

Rachel Peters 02-08-09 09:37 PM

oooo. good one. a truer word has never been spoken.

Rachel Peters 02-08-09 09:39 PM

***edited my rule, because everyone knows everyone***

Stephon 02-09-09 05:59 AM

The most expensive and complicated prop/item/bit you build will be the first you cut from your show.

jeep caillouet 02-09-09 12:51 PM

and carry a big stick
Juggalicious,Rachael said it best about dem break dancers A. You ain't worked in the street yet, until you go up against the break dancers. :D

Rachel Peters 02-10-09 08:51 AM

I didn't say nothin' about nothin'.

However I've learned that the average passer-by still hasn't heard the lame-arss stock joke you've heard seven times in every shown, of every single festival you've ever been to. Let them enjoy it.

gav 02-10-09 11:50 AM

you can only blame your audience for a bad show for so long

there's always someone who makes bigger hats than you do

big crowds don't always pay the most

save 20% of every show from the day you start
(not my advice but I now sure wish I took it)

Juggalicious 02-10-09 01:15 PM

Always say "thank you" instead of "thanks"

Never say sorry - always make everything seem like it was done on purpose, even if it was a mistake.

You can never smile too much.

Frisbee 02-10-09 02:43 PM

people want to give YOU the money, not your hat, bucket sure to hold your money collector, whatever it is, and thank each person who drops something in and look them in the eye when you do it.

Frisbee 02-10-09 02:44 PM

listen to your audience.

Dan Holzman 02-13-09 10:08 PM

I Just got home from a gig out of town, and thought I would write down some of my favorite travel tips.

Create routines that you can follow every trip.

For example.

I always throw my hotel key on the closest desk to the front door when I come in so I can find it easily, Plus I never put the electronic keys next to a turned on cell phone because they can deactivate the key.

As soon as I leave my car at the airport parking I clip my keys inside my backpack(I never think about them again until I get back)

Iron your clothes and hang them up when you first get in your room. If you wait until the last minute and the Iron doesn't work or you have forgoten something like a belt or black socks you'll wish you had found out earlier.

Have a safe dining choice for before shows, something you know won't get you sick or too full. Mine is a chicken Caeser Salad.

hope these help my fellow travelers

Rex Boyd 02-17-09 08:04 AM

When you feel that you've just had a mediocre or even poor show and someone comes up to tell you how much they enjoyed the show, never disagree with them. If you tell them how that show wasn't as good as it should have been,you just end up spoiling for that person what was genuinely an enjoyable experience. And who knows, even your mediocre performance might actually be the best show that they have had the chance to see.

In short, when someone compliments you, you should thank them not disagree with them.

Rachel Peters 02-17-09 08:08 AM

Agreed. It also makes them feel as though you think they have bad taste and don't know anything.

Mr. Boyd, I always read your posts thinking you're laughing really hartily while you type, because of your photo. It's fun.

Rex Boyd 02-17-09 08:30 AM

Thank you Rachel.

( I thought about jokingly disagreeing with your compliment, but decided that I had better follow my own advice. )

Butterfly Man 02-17-09 11:54 AM

Advice from a sagebrush
Two things:

#1. Get paid before you go on!

#2 Make eye-contact with as many different people in your audience as possible.

p.s. Snickers is better for you than Twix.

elbonko 02-18-09 10:02 PM

this i have learned:

1) no matter who you are, there will be another act better than you and there will be another act worse. if you pay attention, you can learn a lot from both.

2) it is harder to be funny-nice than funny-mean. (maybe that's just me, but it is a challenge i've been working with lately)


Juggalicious 02-19-09 03:32 AM

Microphones + Speakers
I don't care what kind of good deal you can get on any sort of audio equipment - or how much better your favorite brand is. Get the most common brand possible. Whatever all major audio stores carry -

You want something thats easy to get replaced/fixed when you are in a jam.

I believe the hot thing right now is seinnheiser(but I could be wrong) - anyone else have comments on this?

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