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Richard 01-28-03 04:26 PM

Website From Promofest
Let me know what would make it better. (Besides a better performer.)

Michael Rosman 01-31-03 01:06 PM


Looking good so far.

For starters, shouldn't it have an option to view the video using some windows based video players...(is quicktime mainly Apple?) I think I have an old version of it on my pc, but I usually skip over things that make me do pre-work such as loading new or newer versions of software.

Also, get some more professional photos (either studio or live in show) shots. THe shot of you juggling 5 did not make me want to hire you.


Richard 02-05-03 02:55 PM

Thank you for the feed back Michael.

I'll see about offering more PC friendly video viewing options. Although it seems to me that Quicktime viewing is becoming the industry standard. I'm able to watch it fine on my PC with Windows XP. Maybe one of the computer gurus here has more insight on that

I do hope to have some more professional pictures eventually. That'll come after purchases of a sound system, giraffe, and a Motionfest attendance.

Steven Ragatz 02-05-03 04:39 PM

QuickTime is an Apple technology. It is distributed with all Macintosh computers by default, and comes with new OS installations as well, but it is an extension. It is not standard on the PC and is not distributed with any that I am aware of. The user must actively download and install QuickTime from the Apple site. There is a free version available as well as a "professional" version that allows limited editing.

In terms of accessibility, the MPEG format comes first. I believe that more machines out there will run an MPEG video than any other format. Be aware that "MPEG" comes in different flavors. As far as I know, and I would welcome someone to enlighten me if I am wrong, MPEG-4 is the current version. QuickTime 6 player will support this one, but earlier versions of the format require a purchased plugin for QuickTime (

What does this mean? If you have one choice of video for your web site, don't choose QuickTime if you want to reach the largest audience. If you are marketing yourself, then you will have to put platform biases aside, and acknowledge that the number of non-Mac machines outnumber Macs at least 10 to 1.

If your target audience is multimedia savvy, then QuickTime may be a reasonable technology, albeit bulky. But it has been my experience that in general agents and producers are Internet friendly, but I would not go so far as to say "savvy". Having to download a browser plugin to view web content may very well be the difference between getting booked and getting ignored.

Your safe bet is to include multiple formats and allow the user to select one. There are ways of automatically determining the user's ability to support a technology, though I don't know the details of how to code for this.

As per the website itself, I wonder if VanHalen is the best music choice for the content you present in your video. I would consider the emotional message that the music selection brings to the presentation. Just a thought.

I'll second the need for better (any?) graphics - which includes photos. T-shirts will always look casual and unprofessional. Even if it is your "costume", unless there is some photographic indication that this is a character choice, I don't think that it conveys a professional image that someone would want to risk their money or their even on. Some simple graphic elements to frame the page and group the copy would help the viewer know where to read.

Decide what your image is and then design a site that projects it. In many ways, you are selling an image, not a show. The details of what you do are only a concern to you. The client usually just wants to have some indication of your professional level so they can relax and not worry that you are going to suck and ruin their event. Choose elements for your site, lay them out, then ask if they support that image. If they do, then they stay. If they don't, then they go. It is just like performing, how you present yourself isn't really how you are, it's how you wish to be perceived. Some people call it acting.

Steven Ragatz

martin ewen 02-05-03 07:55 PM

QuickTime is a cross-platform technology, and it has a sizeable percentage of users. Nielsen/NetRatings recently released a report tracking users of Real Player, Windows Media Player, and Apple's QuickTime viewer.

Windows Media player led with 28 percent, while RealNetworks came in at 26 percent and QuickTime had 13 percent. (note 6 months old)

I heard a really interesting thing at slashdot about windows media player and that was that it recorded the filenames of anything played on it and sent that info periodically back to microsoft for marketing purposes while you were online. Spyware apparently.

I looked at
but couldn't get any other new info but think that because its cross platform it should be increasing but to hedge by spreading your media across those 3.

le pire 02-05-03 11:44 PM

so what are the other 33% using?

martin ewen 02-06-03 06:47 AM

Word of mouth

Vantage 02-08-03 04:48 PM

Every media player out there will play MPEG1 and most will play MPEG2

MPEG is the ONLY universal standard media format. Windows media format changes a little with each release of windows media player, same with quicktime. MPEG is a IEEE standard and therefor it will not change between versions of players so it will work for everyone.

James Ashton

Mr.Taxi Trix 02-08-03 11:06 PM

Its very good for a start, and a decent enough beginning.

Best bang for your buck? Buy a domain name ( something like, it'll cost you about ten bucks, do a google for domain name providers) and host space -35 bucks a year at , which is my provider.

Little stuff...

"One of the most memorable events in recent Flying Debris history was blowing away a crowd of 1500 at a Zoo Annual Picnic where Rich got a standing ovation."

You might want to lose the "blowing away", as its too casual. Photo shoot is a very good idea. No cash? Go to a local university photo department and offer to model in exchange for prints.

Remember Jim's talk about "brand', and what Steve said here regarding design and image. "Flying Debris" is under-explored as a brand for you. Keep exploring.

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