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Peter 05-09-13 08:17 PM

What Chance, and I are trying politely to tell you is Tell this to someone who really gives a shit. We don't CARE who you piss off and who retaliates against you. Kinda understand why the did kick the hell out of you.

Gregory Rush 05-09-13 10:04 PM

Top 10 ways to tell if you are insane.

1. You think a famous singer is God and is giving you Angels to cure world Hunger , and cannot understand why she does not write you back.
2. Thinking the Hurricane Sandy was just part of a 'Bubble" you are not in , the News is lying, and when you go there it will be good as new.
3. Thinking recorded Live music is really live...
4. The radio is talking to you.
5. The TV is looking at you, and talking to you.
6. You are replying to the TV and or Radio.
7. Still waiting for your Angels to arrive to cure cancer.
8. God is telling you it is OK to commit felonies, robbery, aggravated battery, steal toys from toy stores etc.
9. You smoke meth because it is a lubricant.
10. Thinking that while you sleep tiny bugs are crawling into your mouth, still have to check on this one, even if true , you are still insane.

Gregory Rush 05-18-13 08:11 AM

I was filming my daily stretch and strength exercise for my legs.
Working on the Chinese Splits again. I was watching the video and
I noticed how horrible my left side looks, almost as horrible as it feels.
Quite nauseating to try and sleep with my two ribs just rattling the fuck around.
THis is healed, its not gonna get any better, one rib you cant even see if pointing so far inwards
and the one above it sticks and pops and portrudes out of my body an inch AND in lengths starting
in front and all the way up and around my back under my shoulder blade, which is wher is was snapped off.
Like I said, the break Not a fracture ) a total break, has now healed, but of course it did not heal
the same way it was grown for 50 years, how could it? You cannot put it in a cast.
So now I have new goals in life....for life, forever.
PS that's why I call that rib THe FIsh Hook. Sure the fuck looks and feels like one.

ya good ole Fish Hook rib....

Right Side

Left Side

Youtube I posted the clip from the video I took the screenshots from.

Left side WAS my strong side, one arm handstand side...

This is mainly for Kirk's whereabouts and adresses, so once again...

BLOG will be done soon you can TROLL and LURK there all you want later.

Peter 05-18-13 09:09 AM

Chance was right. You are a fucking pussy. You got bruised up, big deal. I have done shows with a broken collarbone, shoulder and 3 broken ribs, all at the same time. Yes it stings, actually hurt like a sonofabitch, but I kept going and made money without bitching to the world about it.

All you're doing is pissing off the guys who beat you up, but everybody else because you sound like a child who lost his marbles in a game. YOU are the TROLL

Gregory Rush 05-18-13 10:59 AM

Having a terrible day.

Gregory Rush 05-18-13 11:49 AM

Birdie McClaime aka Richard Parrot
I talked to Birdie just looking for Kirk now.

Gregory Rush 05-18-13 12:32 PM

Ignore List for newbies
Look I double posted!! Never know which post
your stalker will read frist :)

PS thnx Jim :D

This shit really works!

Gregory Rush 05-22-13 07:11 PM

Recovery Continues
Here is a show from last year before the Assault. THIS IS only a small CLip of the whole
60 Minute Show I have on tape, with dates verified by the Newspaper reporter that filmed it.
I do not perform many places where other performs see
me much, if I see one like many street performers I change up the lines to stock lines.
Sometimes I change them, performing so long in Minnesota I don't have that problem
as much as on the road, most performers know each other here. Some respect when
working venues together hopefully they are not off later doing your whole act ;)
Mall of America is doubling in size. Just got approved
over a billion expansion, this show is just at a local Festival
rained out, a local reporter lives two houses down I said
Hey this is gonna be low key the dancers are late I was just filling in.
The crowd didn't understand much English, I speak no Spanish :)
I always bring my full show even though I was only hired for walk around.
You know the Butterfly effect. Dancers were late so I got my show
filmed I just said "Hey neighbor film my whole show for me will ya?"
not just bits and pieces like you usually do and I want a copy.
He was there to film the awesome dancers that followed, authentic
Mexican group with a family history, well he said sure and gave me a copy.
This is the most of my show you will ever see Online, until I am retired. That way it stays original :) Anyway I been coming and reading and posting and using the board for lots of information since I joined. People like this thread, well most people and like the updates so here is one for you. I still cannot do this part of my show yet :)


Gregory Rush 05-31-13 10:11 AM

Eye in the Sky
Eye in the Sky Alan Parson Project 1982
I took this photo over one of my lakes
while it was playing.

World Famous Minnesota Twins , my family knows them.
Abigail Loraine Hensel and Brittany Lee Hensel at the pool.
they are on Facebook now, and driving around town.

Another Favorite of mine is Rush Permanent Waves
I also took this Sunrise on Foot Lake across the Street.
Look at the Lake, the water, see the white caps and waves :)

Beach Surf Waves in Water Gregory Rush 2013


Isaac Asimov’s books “I, Robot” inspired Eric Woolfson in the creation of the pair’s album of the same name. (Coincidentally, I just finished listening to an audio drama of the first story to use the term robot – a 1921 sci-fi tale by a Czech writer titled “Rur.”) The big hit tune from I Robot was I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You. Of the ten original tracks of I Robot, only four are strictly instrumental. Most are thickly orchestrated and many display heavy synthesizer effects. Total Eclipse features the English Chorale in the type of note-cluster choral writing similar to the Legeti selections used on the soundtrack of the Kubrick film 2001.

Eye in the Sky – said to be their best-selling album – was a bit of a departure in that the producing pair was wincing from public criticism about their concept albums being pretentious. So they decided to just go in the studio and record and only when they had enough for an album would they decide on a title and if there was any sort of theme there. Some of the tunes seemed to suggest a sort of Big Brother Watching You world – especially Children of the Moon, which views citizens as helpless pawns at the mercy of political and religious leaders. Therefore, the Eye in the Sky title idea. They felt some of the tracks had too much of an introspective mood to them, so they tried to create some on a more upbeat tone. Since in 1982 (when the compact disc just was just being introduced) they were still producing for final LP release, they assembled the introspective tunes on the first side and the upbeat on the second. (It might be interesting to be aware of this programming ploy when listening to reissues such as these.) The album’s title track had remained one of their biggest hits, and Psychobabble is also a winner.

Gregory Rush 05-31-13 06:21 PM

Dr appointment
This coming Monday Brain MRI, Spine MRI.
CHest CT scan. I was going to get these
done before but the person supposed to pay for it backed out.
Cough,thnx have a good day. This is cuz my new Dr found I had
actually 2 fractures, in my lowest 2 ribs, and a break in my rib cage.
THe lower spine and hip porobably needs to be diagnosed still.
Brain MRI was supposed to be done in FL he said.
MN Crime Victims is gonna foot the bill to see why my leg no working right.
Oh and I had a concussion, he said its OK
that when you have one, you cannot tell, but other
people can tell you are different. He said the brain is
most likely fine but just to make sure with a concussion
you always get and MRI something can show up a year
later and kill you.

He is a Specialist that deals only with fractures, breaks concussions, spines
things usually from a car accident. The example he said he treated DR that
was a Surgeon to determine if he could go back to work, the surgeon he knew
before he said he was very very smart, now he is just smart. Hopefully
the brain MRI and spine MRI and CT scan will just make me TRON :)

Gregory Rush 06-03-13 11:11 PM

MRI and CT scans today
Problem in my hip, well connected to the leg, connected to walking etc.
I asked my Dr for 2 months to get a MRI and CT well today I got one.
It's cuz its state funded. IF I had the money I would have done it long ago.

CT Chest & Hip
MRI Brain $ Spine

The pic of my arm is cuz that is where they put the magic ink in me.
The Document scan is well, what it is. Just like the Images will be.
Just like the diagnosis will be about if and when I can resume
my 45-60 act I have performed for 28 years, without breaking a sweat just last year before I was assaulted. Of course at this point he says no do not
even think of anything but walking until it hurts too much, icing down
and working out every muscle of my body. Other than my bones my
muscles are becoming hard as fucking rock. Hope that's enough to
hold me together.


Besides the broken rib, that healed, pain persist in hip grinding sacrilac joint,
seems to just get worse the more I walk. I wll not give up though.

The Break that healed still cracks when I breathe it will for about 10 more months. The fractures on my two lower ribs will too. I will explaining what the Dr said. He said:

If you can hold your breather for two weeks it will heal, can you?
I looked at him...thought about it...
Well he said if you bend a pencil and hear it start to splinter and crack,
but stop and do not break it, it is still fractured. So when you bend it
again, it doesn't break, but the fracture is intact, the rib is trying to heal
when you breathe you bend them, or do anything. So, makes sense.

There is crunching going on in my lower spine some in the middle,
and lumbar is the worst, probably the point of impact. Seems that
will undoubtedly making snaping cracmiking noises everytime I bend over, at least it does now.
Maybe its something they can fix? More bones chips? What the hell is going on in there. So Wednesday I will know

Today they injected me with the magic ink, about a cup, into my body
so it will go where the blood goes and other places who knows.

The Brain MRI was intense, loud, played music, cant move 20 minutes, not at all. Same with the Spine, that was I think 3 parts 20 minutes each I started to lose track. This was the second machine.
Frist was the CT the only one they let me take a picture of.
I just like taking pictures. They took my phone. I said cmon
take one of me in there!.....

I took one of myself laying on the first machine, still wearing my flip
flops and the field disterted the image lol , OK last picture they said we
got lots of scans ahead, we had a littel fun cute nurses. Not as much
fun as I wanted to have though ;)

Oh boy, OK look at the pics nothing special Wednesday I get
all my images and diagnosis then the chiropractor or surgeon will
know what to do if anything.

Sounds weird I know, I thought it was just my ribs, that side ache
from hell why I cant walk. Again I say ribs will and would have healed
up but floating ribs are different, so that's why when it healed it stick out.
Cant re break it or put it in a cast.

Problem now is the mobility issue in my spine and hip that after
4 months and a week or so is pretty obvious its a big problem.
Joints to not break and then repair. Not with metal, or fusing
or nightmare stuff I thought would never happen I am so careful
I never so much as sprained an ankle in a show. Ever. Jammed a wrist
falling once off unicycle, still could juggle, never tried to land
like that again. SO this is really a grey area.

Wednesday....seems like forever to wait.....

MRI fog

Gregory Rush 06-04-13 04:24 AM

MRI Sounds
I dunno what the big deal was, maybe cuz I wanted one for so long.
Sounds like they are making Frankenstein or something and
I picked classical music. These are all the sounds it made but
not in that order it is just cycling through them you can jump
forward and around cuz it just repeats the sounds. I guess every ones
experience in their would be as unique as you could imagine, unless you are scared of tight places. Anyway here it is for those that never get a chance to go! Just slide right in:laugh:

Peter 06-04-13 11:49 AM

Is there ANY BODY here, besides Greg Rush, who really gives a shit? Moral of your story, don't piss people off on the pitch

Gregory Rush 06-04-13 03:49 PM

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not happening, that's all I see so if you are talking to me
you are not being seen sorry bud

Peter 06-04-13 08:21 PM


Originally Posted by Gregory Rush (Post 60984)
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not happening, that's all I see so if you are talking to me
you are not being seen sorry bud

Cowards never want to hear the truth

Gregory Rush 06-05-13 07:22 PM

Troll be gone
Look dude, you are not gonna troll me, period.
Get it?

Gregory Rush 06-05-13 07:48 PM

THis weeks update
Todays discovery by MRI and CT scans
Brain, normal, in fact awesome.
Chest airways all superb, broken ribs 10 and 11.
Spine 3 bulging and non herniated discs especially at impact
points, as I suspected. The jargon is very technical.
Dr. Boyd bone specialist will explain to me starting at 9 am tomorrow, Thusday June 6, 2013
Dr Beaver will then see me after about 10 :15 Thursday June 6 , 2103 to go over my options.
Today I was told about my hip, again it is technical he is going to explain
tomorrow and also had me take another MRI for my HIP at Rice Memorial Hospital. That was today at 3:30, so he hcan have then two scans one from ACMC which Boyd is located and one from RIce Hospital I had a friend and my lawyer come as witness. He is a good friend, he also drove me of course.
Driving from Dr to hospirtal back to Dr all day is not what I do. Not with my two lowest ribs still trying to heal, I stay off that side even when sleeping.

Now becauase I have a braid based bulging disk and all my life I never had a problem, I need it explained to ne how getting kicked in my spine, by afoot crashing thorugh and breaking both of my lower ribs and also breaking a bone in my chest, has caused this disability and what can be donme about it, that asl is why he ordered the second MRI immediately. No NOT because I am ok and no not because I like going into loud machines. Because he is a DR and he knows what is going on, and tomorrow when I sit and discuss everything I will then post the MRI pics that go with the said injuries. I have the disk now, I could post both fractures, the hip, the spine etc. I would rather post those
tomorrow with a short caption under each.

I am still not allowed to work, Dr laughs at eh thought of it, just. No.
I am still being diagnosed because when something does not heal nad I still cannot walk after 4 months and two weeks well abviously it is something that is going to affect me my whole life. TOmorrow we have that discussion and hopefully I don't have to get MORE MRI and CT to find out whay my hip
is bulging out of my back on my left side a half inch, my ribs, and lower ribs both broken off trying to repair floating ribs are not easy.'
He said you really do not want to break those , usually they don't cuz
ribs like these called false or floating ribs are flexible and can take a lot of bend before they snap. The rib that snapped in my rib cage is because the impact has no bend at it at all, the rib is part of my chest so it will break the easiest. Meaning the force used had to be of the most extreme direction and intent to kick someone lying on the ground hard enough to go through all those ribs and still make contact with my spine affecting at least 4 vertebrae.
Also hard enough when kicked in the hip so hard it knocks it off the joint so it protrudes, so I got ribs that stick out a hip that sticks out and no way I am buying that I was only kicked once, sure liar will say that KNOWING witnesses say me getting kicked, but anyone including Kirk who thinks that all of this damage was done with just one kick across such a broad area is fooling themselves. Also show you just how much of a coward someone is to kick someone who you just knocked down to the ground from behind and then that is not enough , until someone tells you to stop, that " That's enough Kirk." Just goes to show you Kirk, you are completely out of your mind.
WHy someone named Peter keeps oposting who I never met, do not know and do not care to know is of absolutely no concern to me.
I see not a word of the post by Peter. THis is for Kirk who keeps asking got MRI photos. X rays, Dr. reports, cuz I guess he is in as much disbelief as anyone else as why asking someone thinks they are entitled to lay one single hand on a person , let alone try and beat them to death. Believe it Kirk, I will post more info and give you permission to call all four of my Doctors, my lawyer and anyone you fill will help convince you that you ruined my life.
OK , idiot. Builiding an Agrgavated Battery Case is not easy, but you said " Sue me" so sue you I will, unfortunately the criminal case will come first.
Coming frome certified Dr's and specialist over the past 4 months of hoping to patch me back together.
ya going for a full walk or cross country drive would be nice.
So Kirk, you have 2 choices, talking to me and making a deal is not one of them .

Peter 06-06-13 12:50 PM

If enough of us bitch to Miss Rush about his crying because he pissed off someone maybe he will understand that I am not the troll, HE IS. No one shivs a git!! asshole

Gregory Rush 06-06-13 01:08 PM

The inevitable bad news
Today after seeing both my Dr's. They confirmed the inevitable
bad news telling me I will not be able to work ever again in the foreseeable
future. I am going to scan the documents to Pnet later after I eat.
Maybe sometime tonight. Sadly it is worse than even I thought.

I now have CT scans MRI scans of my hip, ribs and spine it is a permanent disability and disfigurement which brings into play the Aggravated Battery Charge that carries 15 years. So now that I have gathered all the certifications, proofs and just dropped them off at my Local Police
Dept they will be faxing the papers and mailing the DVDs to the Largo Police along with what they already have and I will now be heading down to FLorida to proceed with the criminal csem and then the Civil case.
I am sorry Peter if this BOTHERs your DUMB ASS, put it in your meth pipe nd smoke it I will be posting he pics, scans and Dr. certified materials along with the Notary Public Stamps and Certifications obtained at te hPolice dept, if you have nay isues call the largo Police dept and cry.

Say Greg was helping Kirk on ebay and pointed out that COmpleted Auctions is what you also look at to see what something sold for, helping this dumb ass when I interrupt him to ask a bout a USB cord he ruins and ends my life for all intent and purposes, then if you hve not done so already, both of you go fuck yourselves.

See in court.

Gregory Rush 06-06-13 03:35 PM

35 years down the drain
35 years of perfecting my art ended by meth addicts temper tantrum
over being interrupted, one time. Kirk , you know what is coming.
Also the State of Minnesota will be suing the occupants of the dwelling
where the assault occurred for all Medical Charges, on their own.
Just a few more loose ends to tie up, then Justice will be served.

The actual MRI and CT Images are available anyone who wants
a burned copy, just private message me. That about wraps it up

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