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Orange 02-14-01 11:10 PM

What's the weirdest thing you've got in a hat?
hey, what are some of the weirdest things you've discovered in your hat after a show? i've got: a dose of extacy (yikes, that's scary to me), a package of 4 AA batteries, one of those fake ice cream cones where the end pops off, girls phone numbers (oh yeah!), a bottle of coke... um... other things i can't remember right now. i'm sure many of you can beat me easily, though. let's hear about it.

Jim 02-14-01 11:32 PM

- A $100 dollar bill (US)
- An 1821 dime (US)
- A half-drank can of beer
- A tube sock filled with pennies from a homeless guy.
- Last summer I got my first ever US Silver Dollar

Cool topic!

Peter Voice 02-15-01 01:10 AM

A 24 carat solid gold wedding ring (men's).
A packet of "Twisties".
A carton (1 litre) of milk, which went off in the sun.
A can of dog food.
A diamond engagement ring.
A solid gold King George IV souvreign dated 1790.
2 grams of very fine (so I'm told) coke and finally a very nice pair of aromatic gun-metal grey coloured lacy knickers.

Dan The One Man Band 02-15-01 11:49 AM


Todd 02-15-01 05:55 PM

a $50 and a $20 from the same guy

what looked like a $20 folded in 4ths that turned out to be a smaller piece of paper in half that looked like a $20 but when you opened it it read"DISSIPOINTED!! NOT IF GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE!!"

a check for $2 from someone who wanted to but had no cash on them

A pretty collection of origami money from a guy in Ohio. Ties, a two piece dog, a crane, a bunny, a bear, a shirt........

A photographers card who offered my partner and I a free sitting at his studio. (clothes on and everything)

The buisness card of a Rabbi who does circumcisions.

Butterfly Man 02-15-01 06:17 PM

100 yen note (paper money from Japan pre WW 2 )
American Express Gold Card (still valid for almost another two years)
Inmates Canteen Card (San Quentin)
condom (with a safety pin attached)
Painting (of me, flying out of San Francisco, juggling the sun, moon, earth, Saturn and a rose.
Coupon (handmade) for 1 free blowjob

stickman 02-16-01 05:02 AM

1: Candy from children (often actually).
2: $90 aus to stop working for 10 mins.
(Gave a girl on a bench $50 to prove to
me, he didn't care about money. Just
wanted to see someone else make money for
doing nothing.
3: beer, wine, liquor and a nightly pint of Guinness. (I like Guinness)
4: $1 cheque ($20's from all the guys who
heard him bragging in the bar afterwards)
5. Hand carved soapstone statue of a lion.
6. Cool Glass pendant hand made by the guy who gave it to me.
7. Hundred dollar notes multiple countries.
9. Drawings, pictures, phone numbers.
10. Casino chips for roulette. (Cashed them in after one roll)
11. Lottery tickets.
12. Pamphlets (mostly Christian)
13. Business cards from restaurant owners/chiefs offering me free fine dining.
14. A coupon from a lady of the evening for free ... (unclaimed)
15. A long letter from an American explaining why I should be ashamed to be an American. (Obviously missed the over sized Canadian flag on the front of my show box)
16. Job offer to work for Cirque Du Soleil.
17. Hugs, and once a long line of women who took me for a kissing booth.
18. Flowers. Bunches both bought and hand picked.

Frisbee 02-16-01 11:52 AM

This is a great topic:

-an 1875 silver dollar.(this is my favorite)
-a little pewter statue angel
-a 100$ bill (I wish would happen more!)
-a mcdonalds cheeseburger


ALAKAZAM 02-17-01 07:35 AM

Hey folks
Yeah we all get crazy shit from crazy people.
-A money clip with $146 U.S in it.
-A list with about 20 middle aged womens phone numbers who are willing to pay for sex.
-"$50 and i'll go home with you" got a 50 and actually shagged the girl.
-an egg from the ground after tom comet had been on,it was sick.
-a pair of socks and a t-shirt,wrapped in christmas wrapping paper with a card saying"dear don,merry christmas you bastard,love christine"
-Lots of under age girls phone numbers
-A tampon applicator.
-And the best one:a used condom[which i carefully placed in my suitcase and 2 days later used it to scare away a heckler who tried to tell me there was nothing i could do to make him leave]

Oh yeah-$375 american from a disabled man.

Daniel Forlano 02-17-01 06:04 PM

a gourd
proposition for sex


martin ewen 02-17-01 09:35 PM

The manditory very old coin

$100 given to me by a dead person.

Torn off half a loaf of bread from a peasent.

The nun photo thats on my website under past victims.

anonomous poetry

lots and lots of pebbles (Damn those Cork brats)


occaisionaly money

Todd 02-18-01 09:06 AM

It didnt go in the hat, so I'm not sure if it counts, but a sculptor who like the show made me a samll statue that is of two wild thrilled faces. He said his insperation was from watching people watching my show

Airborne Dan 02-21-01 01:18 AM

Weirdest thing in the hat? You pick.

- Cold beer from a redneck.

- Pocket lint.

- A few joints.

_ A condom with a phone number attached to it.

- Drawings from children.

- An incense burner from a homless guy.

- A job offer to sell cars at a Mercedes Benz dealership.

- A Canadian quarter!

- A can of Spam.

- Tickets to a Joe Jackson concert.

- Political buttons / bumperstickers.

- A rabbits foot.

- A nude picture of Bobarino Gravittini.(Wearing only red shoes)

- A four leaf clover.

- An enchilada.

- A kitten.

- An Irish Passport.

- A 9 volt battery.

- And another nude pic of Bobarino.

Dan The One Man Band 02-21-01 01:34 PM

Hey Airborn, why did Canadian quarter have an exclamation mark beside it??? None of the other objects had one.....Canada's not too far from Boston

Airborne Dan 02-22-01 01:22 AM

Dan The One Man Band'

Good Question! The reason the Canadian quarter had so much significance to me was because when I received it, I was recovering from a year and a half of living in Houston, Texas. I could not book my show to save my life in that town. I ended up doing stand-up comedy instead of my normal juggling show to make a living.

Spending a year as a stand-up comedian began as a humbling experience but eventualy served to broaden my abillities as a performer, especially after achieving a modocum of success as a comedian with no props.

When I returned to Boston with my wife and son I was energized in an entirely new way to get out on the pitch and do my juggling show.

That very first show, upon my return to Boston, yielded a Canadian quarter in the hat. Something I hadn't seen for a while (there aren't as many Canadian coins floating around Texas as there are in the north).

So anyway I kept the quarter, I still have it, it's somehow worth more than 19 cents to me, or what ever the exchange rate is for a Canadian quarter, which by the way is practically the same shape and size as a U.S. quarter, but for some reason won't work in any of our vending machines.

Airborne Dan

Jim 02-22-01 10:57 AM


<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">Originally posted by Airborne Dan:
a Canadian quarter, which by the way is practically the same shape and size as a U.S. quarter, but for some reason won't work in any of our vending machines.
Sorry, this is off topic, but Canadian quarters DO work in Boston parking meters... Not the newer digital ones, but the older ones with the crank handle and the dial. However, for some bizarre reason, they only give you 40 minutes of time instead of the full hour.

Rich Potter 02-22-01 02:12 PM

--&gt;A German 2-Mark coin, on the back of which was smooshed a piece of hashish
--&gt;10,000 yen train card + 3 500-yen coins (the guy waited 10 minutes after my crowd had left to hunt me down as I left the pitch)
--&gt;a camera which I still use
--&gt;assorted soft drinks and beer
--&gt;more hashish
--&gt;assorted religious pamphlets and tchotchkes (Virgin Mary pendants and the like)
--&gt;the grubby little mitts of ill-mannered kids who are too slow to get away from me.
--&gt;a photo of some kid with a parrot sitting on her shoulder
--&gt;a $10,000 (US) check with the instructions, "cash it tomorrow!" (I checked with some other people who use the same pitch and they'd all got similar around the same time. I called the bank and determined it was a bad check, so I still have it stuck to my wall.)
--&gt;10,000 ringgitt ($4 US of Indonesian money)
--&gt;a baby's pacifier (dummy)
--&gt;a keychain which has a level attached to it. (2 inches long)
--&gt;a quart and a half of vomit (not mine) (not really)
--&gt;a couple of phone numbers. But I haven't gotten any of those since I stopped working with a partner. Hmmmm...

Airborne Dan 02-22-01 02:15 PM

Way to go Jim, stick it to the man!

theballoonman 03-02-01 05:01 PM

a quick aside on the canadian quarter...did you know the british 2pence coin works as a dollar(cdn)in older style parking meters,washing machines, em up

Peter 03-04-01 08:59 AM

The only unusual thing I received was a phone number from a woman in her 50's (that was OK because I am in my 50's) which I called. We went out several times and had really great times. Too bad we both moved on.


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