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George Gilbert 11-27-08 09:59 AM

jimmy talksalot
surprised Talksalot has been able to keep quiet for so long?

Anybody seen or heard from him?

jeep caillouet 11-28-08 09:04 AM

Heard He was over in Europe somewhere with Sonny Holiday.

nick w 12-21-08 12:30 PM

jimmys been gone for 2 months now and no word from him whatsoever. he was last in amsterdam. nobody, and i mean nobody has a clue.....

serious issue

jayrodin 12-30-08 09:45 PM

does anyone know he was last with?

George Gilbert 12-30-08 10:07 PM

jimmy stayed with me last june and worked the boardwalk ... than he left for europe witha guy named brian bloodworth around late june - the last i heard he hasn't been seen since october 10 wich was in amsterdam .

but Warpo knows more than me just ask him

i am concerned.. October 10th he sent me a message saying he was on his way to new orleans.. obviously he never made it!

jayrodin 12-31-08 05:25 AM

there's a little more info on this thread

jayrodin 01-03-09 06:54 PM

I just got this from Jimmy's son Nolan today-

"i just got some letters from my dad and apparantly hes in new york. i dont know y but he said he wus he hasnt paid for any minutes on his phone so we cant call least i know where he is hes comeing back to san diego again, hes gonna hate it, but he is"


Mario Morris 01-24-09 01:49 PM

He,s back home.

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