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harmonicakev 11-29-08 07:50 PM

Am I retired?
Hey folks,
Happy Thanksgiving, and I suppose I should pay my respects to those observing the National Day of Mourning Protest in Plymouth, (the Wampanoags of Plymouth).

Just realized while looking at my calendar that I haven't actually done ANY street performing this year...plenty of festivals, parties, schools, librarys, but no I guess I am an ex-street performer now? I suppose I might go down to the subway at some point this month, but it's not a sure thing...oh well, maybe next year..
I've driven by the new "Greenway"in Boston, and it didn't look too buskable; it seemed to be in the middle of nowhere...
Can anyone say differently?

Caio - Kevin M.

p.s. time to get back to work on brushing up my Christmas la lala, Dominic the donkey.....

harmonicakev 08-27-14 10:37 AM

STILL busking!
Yes, the subways have been lots of fun, on occasion semi-lucrative.

here's Ilana and I performing, "Johnny Don't Get Drunk."

Ciao - kev

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