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Rachel Peters 12-25-08 12:01 PM

Harry Anderson
Does anybody know or have contact information for one Harry Anderson, Magician, of "Night Court" fame?
Any contact to pleasantly get his attention?
I would like to show him a series pitch, thinking he might enjoy involvement.

Any ideas?

Serious about this -- looking for a smart and sensitive way to contact.
If you think you can help, please email me.

(I'm wondering if it's too much to hope that someone actually knows him, as an actual friend... hmmm.)

jeep caillouet 12-25-08 07:27 PM

Saw him doing magic in New Orleans a long while back.

elbonko 12-25-08 11:10 PM

never met the guy and have no idea where he is, but i just had to say that i'd love to see him doing another series.

love that guy.

the guest spots on "cheers" were the best.

best of luck, Rachel.

Frisbee 12-26-08 11:42 AM

i am sure he has management/agency that should be easy to find...
you may also try to contact the magic castle, explain what you are trying to do and to reach him for and they may be able to get you that information on agent/mgmt.


Rachel Peters 12-26-08 05:34 PM

BUT I think I already know too many people who actually converse with the man himself to want to try to get through loads of people, the long way. I'm just sure of it.

But thanks.

Juggler Bob 03-22-09 10:16 AM

Harry Anderson
In August 2006, Anderson and his wife announced their decision to leave New Orleans, citing concerns including declining tourism to the city, the re-election of Mayor Ray Nagin, and the depressed mood prevailing in New Orleans. The Andersons have purchased a home in Asheville, North Carolina, sold their house in New Orleans and Oswald's Speakeasy as of October 2006. In November 2008 Anderson played himself on an episode of 30 Rock along with fellow Night Court cast members Markie Post and Charles Robinson.

Industry insider site is The Internet Movie Database.
Free 14 day trail.

I hope that helps.

Daniel Mooncalf 05-25-09 09:57 PM

...used to play cards with him quite frequently, when they were both living in Nawlins... Perhaps they're still in contact?

worldwidese 07-16-09 02:09 AM

Google him on There's an Email Icon you can click on to send mail direct

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