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lovelylittlelolo 01-23-09 12:54 PM

Parc Management?
I'm wondering if anyone has worked with Parc Management in the last couple of years. If so, have you had issues getting paid?

We are on the verge of taking them to court. We did a stint at the amusement park here in Denver, and they've been giving us the runaround since the start. We've managed to collect 3 out of 4 paychecks, but it's been months and we can't get anyone to send us the fourth. We've been bounced around from department to department and no one will give us any guarantee. It's a few thousand bucks, which is not much in comparison to the whole contract. Still, it's money owed.

If anyone else has dealt with them, let me know--especially if you've gotten results. Maybe you can help shed some light on this.

Thanks a bunch!

tacrowl 01-28-09 01:13 PM

Not sure about your area - but in Maryland there is a subcontractor's law. In essence, if the contractor (agency) doesn't pay you - the client that hired them is still responsible.

Since all of my contracts are signed in Maryland - I've made use of this several times when going after late payments. If your state has such a law, explain it to the agent and let them know the next invoice will be copied to the client - and if payment is not made within X days, you will initiate a lawsuit naming both parties.

Chances are, the agency won't want that to happen. If they don't pay, make good on the threat.


Evan Young 01-28-09 02:03 PM

That's awesome to know! I work in MD a lot.

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