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skeet 08-31-09 02:42 AM

Busking in Kansas City?
Does anyone know about pitches or regulations in Kansas City? Thanks in advance for your help.

Daniel Mooncalf 09-01-09 12:20 AM

City Market on Wednesdays and Weekends. Power and Light District 11am-1ish almost every day. Nichol's Plaza after dinner.

Maybe Westport, if you're not trying to gather big crowds.

City Market doesn't like amps.

I've spoken with the President of the P&L, with him saying he wanted buskers, but a week after security chased me off.

The Plaza is okay, but security sometimes tries to fuck with you. I've a buddy who does balloon animals in westport, and does rather well.

Rex Boyd 09-03-09 08:10 PM

Glad to hear that somebody is still working the streets in KC. I had some good summers on the Plaza and in Westport back in the mid '80's. I also did a show once in the City Market but when I threw my three clubs into the audience for the routine where they throw them back to me one of the "volunteers" did a runner with my club which forced a nasty quick ending to the show. I do like it down at the City Market still. Just watch out for your props.

jeep caillouet 09-06-09 10:50 AM

I worked Laurence, Ks.,by the collage as well as Westport at 44th st. and did quit well at both.

BlackBeltMagician 11-15-09 08:21 PM

Kansas City Busking
I've done well busking at River City Market and the Plaza IF you stay on the sidewalk. Had a cop scope me out for 1/2 hour to tell me to step back 3 steps onto public property. He was polite though. Just talked to the security guys at power & Light and they told me nay. Not on their bricks which surround the entire place.
I got booted from Prairie village art show.
They only want paintbrush artists. The Queen bee from the show didn't even take time to watch what I was doing. She insisted I had to go. Very uncool.

BlackBeltMagician 11-15-09 08:26 PM

Lawrence, KS
Forgot to mention Lawrence, KS is very cool. Had a blast at Buskerfest last fall. I hope to get back to Lawrence while football season is still going. Good turn out on the streets before Jay Hawks home games.

George Gilbert 11-16-09 12:14 AM

so whats the best time of the year for street performing in kansas?

Schuyler 11-16-09 01:35 AM

To specify further, how's Kansas over the winter?

Daniel Mooncalf 12-06-09 10:27 AM

Best times... When it's warm
60+ warm.

Nobody stops when it's below 50.

Daniel Mooncalf 03-22-14 09:32 PM

City Market pretty much sucks, now. They've regulated busking to specific spots which are 90% terrible locations, impossible to gather any sort of crowd.

Plaza is a happier place, lately. Westport is starting to get better, after several years of quietly sucking. P&L still pretty much hates buskers. All other outdoor shopping malls are anti-busker. It might be worth contacting ACLU about their private use and discrimination on what used to be (or still is) public property.

If you're just passing through, 47th street on the Plaza is your best bet.

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