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Devinthejuggler 10-09-09 05:46 PM

South Africa!
Hey Guys,
2010, football (soccer) world cup, south africa. there are going to be tourists coming out of everywhere, i reckon there is going to be some good busking, anyone coming over?

mimi 10-09-09 06:41 PM

when is it?
How is the visa and permission to work on the streets?
i love to come. mimi

Devinthejuggler 10-11-09 04:04 PM

I don't know much about visa, but im sure you can get a holiday visa, and they are seriously laxing up on giving out visas because thousands of tourists are going to be coming through.
there are a couple of pitches in cape town and some up the garden route (don't expect huge hats outside of cape town however)

the pitch im working at is at the waterfront in cape town, its a private wharf kinda deal, and management are in the process of changing policys about buskers, but right now its still good for me, as they have kicked nearly everyone out and i have the pitch to myslef basically (kinda boggles the mind)

a friend and myself are planning to do after-game shows around the stadiums im sure there will be a run off place (get those heckler lines ready)


Devinthejuggler 10-11-09 04:06 PM

oh when: its in winter unfortunately 244 days from now according to sign boards, but the whole season leading up to it is apparently going to be good.

Lee Nelson 10-11-09 05:05 PM

who have they kicked out?
is Marega still there? and Owen? Tat sends me mails all the time and hasnt said anyone has been kicked out. The Mumbo Jambo acrobats have a circus contract in Joberg.
What about the trumpet man who hogs the pitch 40 hours a week....tell me they have been redoing his deal please!

Devinthejuggler 10-11-09 05:20 PM

hey lee,
big shits gone down man, the even kicked my man owen out, (he's gone back to joburg, i know he'll be ok though he's a resourcefull cat) Im on a temperoroy performers permit. they wont give reasons why the booted people, but something about fire and upgrading costumes was metioned. auditions are in feb again.

the waterfront has been bought by dubai world and i'v heard they are dubios about the whole concept of street performance, and some of the tenants had apparently been complaining...

its quite scary, because i left nice cushy contract work in joburg to come to cape town to perform at the waterfront. lets see what happens

I don't know marega, what does she do? yeah they kicked all the acrobats, i'v been kinda sharing my hats with some of the guys that come through. sad man. dudes with familys and shit.

no the trumpet motherfucker( ahem, scuze me) is still there, and the bands are still palying at all the good times.

Devinthejuggler 10-20-09 06:31 PM

wow. I just got accosted by the police for recreational slack lining on the trees by the beach... i did some readin because i thought there was no way it could be illegal, but it turns out that among many other frieken scary ass words :

1."no person shall hold, organize, initiate, control or actively participate in a demonstration or gathering in a public place"

2. no person shall: dance , sing, shout or play a musical instrument in a public place.

3. no person shall do anything which is likely to cause a gathering of persons in a pubic place

these are the 'shit you not' words of the law in south africa. I couldn't and still cannot believe that such a document exists.

pass the mushrooms please...

Lee Nelson 10-21-09 03:28 AM

shit man sorry. I could have told you that. I tried Camps Bay of course during my time there but it is by far the biggest economic apartheid zone in SA.
Marega is an black rasta dude with a lot of gold in his face and around him. Mr ŽNow I am going to dance like Michael JacksonŽ.
I can totally understand why alot of people got kicked out, an upgrade as such, but Owen? I dont get that. He was the only one with talent.
Thinking about coming down again this season from Iceland. Unbelievably the ZAR actually looks good compared to the Icelandic Kroner. But I have a family now and unfortunately my wife hates it when she reads that Capetown is the murdur capital of the world.
Been talking to Tat and Pam, apparantly I am still welcome.

Devinthejuggler 10-21-09 06:43 AM

yeah, its a shame about camps bay, i thought it would be nice to work sunset at the beach...oh well.

i thought joburg was the murder capital of the world...
people always say that, but everyone has there fair share of death, the way in which the world doles out south africas death is through murder. but, no hurricanes, earthquakes or terrorist attacks (we'll see what happens at the soccer though)

africas not for sissys as they say :)

Samora Squid 10-11-13 06:11 AM

Anyone got any more recent info on Jburg or Cape town?

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