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TCsteinberg 11-15-09 02:27 PM

Frank Radtke - House of Fakini
I was saddened to read, and sad to report, that the wonderful Frank "Fakini" Radtke has passed.
If you didn't know Frank, such a nice man, always looking to engage in conversation, and always with praise and empowerment.
He was a pioneer in Juggling. No he didn't juggle, but he gave us the silicone juggling ball.
That's a HUGE contribution, and believe it or not, his contributions to magic were even bigger.
A truly nice person, and sadly too young to have left us. He will be missed.

Here's a link to his obituary;

And here's Frank's great story;

R.I.P. Frank, and THANK YOU for all!

Jim 11-15-09 02:57 PM

Sad news to hear. I bought about 25 silicone balls from him over the years and they all work and look just as good as the day I received them. I'm sure they will be handed down to my grandchildren. He made a high quality product, for sure.

He always seemed like a nice fellow on the phone, even thought I never actually met him. His contribution to the juggling world was huge.

Thank you, Frank!

icanjuggle 07-30-10 08:40 AM

I bought the 3rd set of silicone balls from Frank... superbly engineered 3 1/16th inch beautiful balls that took me through ten years of my career. Frank was the innovator who created the silicone juggling ball that was copied by many prop makers who never gave him credit. He was the original and by far the best!
Dick Franco

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