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Rachel Peters 02-23-10 02:53 PM

Skipping Through
Within the next week or so, do I know anyone in:

Portland, Salem or Eugine Oregon;
San Fransisco (I know I do, but who's around?)
Las Vegas

Who wants a couch drooler for a night?
PS: I'm also video blogging.

Doctor Eric 02-23-10 11:55 PM

Sot Nery in LA, Project Dynamite isn't around, they're here in Australia.

I'm not around SF, obviously, but you may want to meet Bob Mendelsohn, he's a puppeteer, and a cool guy. I'll try to figure out somewhere you could couch surf there, it'll be tough these days though.

You may want to contact Alex Kaminski in Vegas, you met her in Edmonton last year.

Doctor Eric 02-23-10 11:56 PM

Oh, and I have some old, old friends in Eugene that could possibly put you up, I'll contact them. Not performers, but good people.

Rachel Peters 02-24-10 12:42 AM

Thanks, Eric. You're the breast. ...and best.
And take in mind lots of stuff with this trip is flying by the seat of my pants, so there's a lot of "tentative" going on at the moment.

Doctor Eric 02-24-10 01:56 AM

Tom Frank is a magician in LA, I told him you'd contact him on facebook, he doesn't have any room, but you should meet him, he's a good guy,a nd good at what he does.

Frisbee 02-24-10 11:23 AM


I will be working on a cruise next week, but if it is the following week you can crash at my place...I am still here in S.F.

I will be back in town from the 8th of March.
gimme a call or email:

In any case we should meet up for a drink or some adventure.

Doctor Eric 02-24-10 05:53 PM

That's it Greg, get Rach drunk and take advantage of her. Or, er, vice versa.

Doctor Eric 02-25-10 12:01 AM

I just told my friend Cloe in portland to add you, you'll LOVE Cloe, and she may be able to hook you up with a couch.

Frisbee 02-25-10 12:13 AM

anytime rachel.... ;o) and I will try to find a marshmallow burger in your honor...

Doctor Eric 02-25-10 12:18 AM

They have them at the 7-11 at the wharf I think

Rachel Peters 02-25-10 03:11 PM

I'm an angry drunk
Frisbee, where are you TOMORROW?
I'm in Portland for the day, don't think I can meet up with Cloe, even though I want to, and will ride through the night to San Fransiski and be there tomorrow.
Are you on te cruise yet?

Rachel Peters 02-25-10 05:47 PM

I will have ONE drink. TOPS.
and by "drink" I mean chocolate milk. It's all I can handle. Two chocolate milks will get me totally hammered.

Doctor Eric 02-25-10 08:54 PM

I'm a little bummed you won't get to hang out with Cloe, she's super cool. And she has the coolest dog on the face of the planet.

Rachel Peters 02-25-10 08:55 PM

Well, what can i do, man?
You have too many cool friends. (Me included.)

Frisbee 03-03-10 10:30 PM

Nice to have you come and visit Rachel...I want to hear the Dave stories from L.A.

Anyone else out there that may or may not know Rachel, she is super cool and on a fun adventure, so if you are living where she is passing thru, it would be best of you to offer her some couch space....


Rachel Peters 03-03-10 11:05 PM

Aw, pshaaaww.
I had a good time, too.
Have you gotten home yet to find your Charlie Caper Smurf?

I don't know which smurf he actually is, but I think he looks like Charlie.

WHIPBOY got the Handy Man Smurf.
Dave Coulier got Joker Smurf (duh).

I've only got a few left now.

I'll be sure to post more when I hit the middle states. I've got lots of contacts in the east, but the center is a bit disconcerting.

People should check out the Rachel and a Bus Adventure Blogs!

Editing videos in Vegas,


Steven Ragatz 03-04-10 08:13 AM

Well, if you get stuck going through Southern Indiana on your way East, you can crash in Bloomington. Give me a head's up and I'll try to arrange something.

Steven Ragatz

Frisbee 03-05-10 01:27 AM

i will get home tommorow afternoon...i thought you were going to keep that one for yourself.


Rachel Peters 03-11-10 01:09 PM

Me and my Slacking Self
DANG! Steven! I landed in downtown Indianapolis today, but just until 720PM tonight. Then to Lancaster PA to meet that guy who can supposedly eat 50 eggs.

If you get this and want to go on an outing, just to meet someone new... let me know. Email works best today.

Rachel Peters 03-11-10 01:10 PM

And Frisbee -- you liked it! That's what those smurfs were all about.

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