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RiversideArtsMarkt 03-09-10 11:55 PM

Call for Performers - Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville, Florida
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The Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville, Florida launched its second season on March 6th with a huge crowd -- nearly 30,000 people. Located under the sheltering canopy of the Fuller Warren Bridge, this all-weather festival market has become a top destination for traveling street performers. It is the largest free arts and entertainment venue in Florida, and is open every Saturday, March through December. Check out the video on the website to get an idea of what an extravaganza this is: We are very performer-friendly and hope you'll join us when you are traveling our way.

Michael 03-10-10 08:47 PM

Riverside Arts Market
To say the Market is performer friendly is an understatement. They love performers there and really treat you with respect. The crowds are big, friendly and generous. Have worked there several times last year and opening day last week and had wonderful shows. They have a nice pitch for a circle show and several areas for "suitcase" or roving shows. Check it out if you are in the area or passing through.

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