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cowgirltricks 03-22-10 05:31 PM

Looking for Pete and Andrea O'Connell
Hi All,

I'm looking to find Pete and Andrea O'Connell. I met them at the 1999 Edmonton Festival. I got a call from an agent who is looking for one band bands for a nice long gig in Japan. Can anyone help me find them?

Thanks so much,

Karen Quest

gav 03-23-10 04:02 AM

Their act name is Anderson Briefcase.
Their website doesn't work any more.
That's all I know.

martin ewen 03-23-10 04:24 AM

Pete O'Connell
552 Chamberlain St.
Peterborough CANADA


there's an email but you have to sign up to get access, we all know emails last longer than real addresses, good luck.

Barry 03-25-10 09:12 PM

hey karen,

i have the correct contact info for them hiding somewhere in this computer. drop me an email at and i will slide ya the scoop. they are no longer doing the music thing professionally. so, anderson breifcase is outta date. definitely in canada, though.

o right, andrea has a facebook account so that might be the easiest (under her full name, andrea bonetto ). drop a line to me anyway. cheers, barry

Barry 03-25-10 09:14 PM

also, dont let that doesnt do it anymore dissuade you from offering, he or they might be interested.

cowgirltricks 03-27-10 10:38 AM

re: Pete and Andrea
Hey Everybody!

Thanks for the help in finding Pete and Andrea. Thanks to the magic of the internet, we've made contact!

Take care and keep 'em laughing!


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