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USA BREAK DANCERS 04-02-10 07:45 AM

Gon 2 soon
Sad news for the Street dance community a young dancer by the name of Duran Gordon was gunned down early this morning good Friday just a block away from his home in the Bronx after returning from doing some street shows in midtown Manhattan.
Duran was the son of a legendary Street dancer nick named Mr. Nice who helped pioneer the street dance movement in Midtown Manhattan. Mr. Nice was part of my old group in the late 80's early 90's his family is my extended family I was the best man at his wedding, watched his kids grow up from diapers this is a sad day for us all please say a prayer for this young life taken to soon.

God bless,
Julio "Klown" Santiago

nick nickolas 04-04-10 06:36 AM

Wow Klown,,,
that's bad news, real bad,,,,
You got my thoughts from down under,,.
Peace 'n' Strength to all,,,


USA BREAK DANCERS 04-05-10 03:31 AM

Thanks Nick your a true friend....

martin ewen 04-05-10 03:59 AM

Most of us entertain and if it goes well we think about ourselves and how cool it is people like us doing stuff, then maybe a bit later we might think about the laughter we generate generally and how cool that is and how cool we are for generating it.
And we lose track of the fact that it's simply survival.
I'm sorry this guy died.
You and your crew remind some that it takes some indefinable muscle to take the shit you're dealt and get stronger.
This guys pointless waste can't obscure the fact that he danced.
I'm sorry he got laid waste. But you know a good show is as close as you can get to God, even if the whole God thing's a joke.So maybe he knew more than most and maybe it's OK.
He danced then left.
and life's the same shit sandwidge it's always been, but you get stronger...

I don't make a lot of sense but I mean well.

jeep caillouet 04-05-10 03:06 PM

That a really sad story. I feel for you. May he rest in piece.

USA BREAK DANCERS 04-05-10 04:51 PM

Martin, Jeep your kind words are appreciated.

jeep caillouet 04-05-10 11:47 PM

Would that be somebody ''juice'' would have known?

USA BREAK DANCERS 04-06-10 12:11 AM

He definately new the father Mr. Nice the father knows Juice but not as Doctor Juice as Champion when he was with the original Calypso tumblers...

Dallas 04-06-10 06:33 AM

sorry to hear...
our prayers from Clearwater...

jeep caillouet 04-06-10 09:08 AM

I'll let him know.

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