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Ryan Dekoe 05-05-10 01:43 PM

*AGENCY WARNING* D&D Entertainment LLC
Be very very cautious when dealing with Danny Doyle of D&D Entertainment! He is the "booker" for AM Resort guest entertainment program in Cancun Mexico. I have a long list of performers who will flat out NOT WORK FOR HIM! If you have had an experience with Danny PLEASE tell the rest of us about it! If you have any questions about my experiences working for him, please contact me! The list is far to long.

TBAXTER 09-02-10 08:52 PM

There seems to be a long list of people who have run afoul of Doyle's promises.

In the end, in my professional opinion, he's not worth the bother. Avoid him and look for a reputable, professional booker for Mexican resorts.

T. Baxter

DavidDoyleEnt 10-12-10 09:01 AM

Wow crap seems I chose the wrong user name.

Hi, I'm DAVID Doyle and am in no relation to Danny Doyle. I'm of I'm out of Pittsburgh and am NOT an agency and am just part of several performance troupes.

I didn't realize there was someone/some company out there with such a similar name(and horrible reputation apparently). Perhaps I should speak with the mods about changing my user name so there is no confusion.

Hmm better get on that.


gsidhe 10-13-10 08:28 AM

Just curious, but what are the specific complaints against him? I have only heard one person really talk negatively.
And he is someone I was considering working with.
Any info would be appreciated!

Mr.Taxi Trix 10-13-10 09:11 AM

Danny Doyle Rocks
I've worked with Danny Doyle, and have a high opinion of him.

I'm heading back to Mexico in a couple of weeks.

His gig is legit, he treats me well as a performer, pays

on time or early, and is a stand up guy. The fact that he's also a magician

and knows the performing life makes him fun to work with: you can

talk with complete candor about how the shows go.

I've enjoyed more than a few laughs with Danny, and consider him a

friend as well as a decent, fair producer. I know of at least 8 other

performers who would tell you the same. You can ring me at 860 672-3205

if you need any further conversation on this. D and D entertainment is

a good company to work with.

gsidhe 10-13-10 09:20 AM

Now that goes more along the lines of what I have heard.
I have been talking with Danny on line for years, and he always seemed very straightforward and a decent guy.
I'm pretty much a carny...It's really hard to get much past me, so the original post starting this thread was a surprise.
Thanks for the input!

DavidDoyleEnt 10-13-10 12:07 PM

Hmm well good rep or not. I think my user name still might confuse some people as to who I am and what I offer/represent. False praise or undeserved insults are never appreciated =)

I've messaged the mod, but haven't heard back yet.

Though I did do a little bit of research on him after I saw this and his forum posts on other forums seem to be a crass at times and narrow minded(mostly if you didn't agree w him you're wrong), maybe they were just some bad examples. Also this would say nothing about his business etiquette or practice so I'm not too worried on that end just yet.


Buffalo Chris 11-24-10 02:18 PM

I agree with Mr. Taxi Trix. I have worked for Mr. Doyle for 2 and a half months now, and I find him to be exactly as Mr. Trix has described. Very performer friendly, understands our side of the business as he is a performer himself. He has been very honest with me and my pay is direct deposited early almost every pay period. Mr. Doyle has filled my winter (my absolute WORST season) with work in a beautiful tropical paradise and I will be forever grateful and extremely glad I did not turn down his offer because of the efforts of the original poster to this thread. Sorry, I don't turn down jobs because someone I don't know well and who has never booked me for a gig has an axe to grind. There are 2 sides to this story, and I'm not sure exactly why but Ryan is working really hard to smear Danny. He's called every performer that Danny has booked and tried to make us uneasy about the gig, I guess he didn't want US to make money because HE hates Danny so much? But the reality that I have found is VERY far from Ryan's claims, at least in my experience and the experience of Mr. Taxi Trix above and at least the 8 other performers Mr. Trix mentions, I know all of them better than I know Ryan. But please, if you want to, go ahead and listen to Ryan and turn down this wonderful booking, don't work for Danny. Because I don't want you taking my dream gig and none of the rest of us down here do either! (Don't worry, I'll recommend you... when I die or when someone else stops working down here, until then I want this gig forever!) I mean, a furnished apartment half a block from the main pedestrian avenue where all the restaurants and nightlife are and 2 blocks from the beach with beautiful women everywhere and I don't have to shovel snow to get my car to the gig, a driver takes me there??? Oh, and by the way, I've been a professional entertainer for 36 years, so please don't think of me as a sucker. Our clients down here are very happy with our shows and we are expanding with some of the best performers in the variety business, bar none. There's lots of people who want this gig. So feel free to listen to Ryan. All of us who love this gig really appreciate it.

martin ewen 11-25-10 02:17 PM

I have no horse in this race. I do have something to share. If you want to warn performers of bad behaviour then it's important to tell YOUR story.
Your story is your truth and you then get to stand behind it and defend it if required and/or learn.
See the guys who are defending this dude are listing the elements that make them happy with whatever relationship they have with D+D. Prompt payment, good winter venue, personal friendship with the guy etc.
Whereas the crit has no meat.
You cannot simply state, "This guy is an asshole and all my friends think so too"
without coming out and laying it on the table.
Because, and take it from a world leader here, sometimes you can just simply be wrong.
Sometimes the other guy and you just clash.
Reasoning like " I cannot be specific because....." is a little too conveniently self serving. You get to call someone an asshole on a public forum without any risk. A little unfair yes?

anyway I have to get back to my cave to suck yaks yogurt through my rectum using tantric guru-magic.

Jack Oulicky 12-13-10 04:05 PM

Unfair you say? Oh yea.
I have to admit I do have a horse in this race. BUT I will tell you the horrible things that Danny has done to me.

He taught me how to do a hypnosis show. He trained me, spent months with me in Mexico teaching me 6 nights a week to be a hypnotist. Taught me everything I needed to know about the show, and about business. Then the monster actually gave me a place in which to do the show 6 nights a week! Oh horror of horrors. Here comes the worst part, what he charged me. Oh lord he charged me NOTHING! Not a single penny. He did pay me less than he paid other performers for the time I worked for him. What a monster. (This was the same deal he gave Matt Swett of Fly By Night, Ryans friend.)

I also helped Danny with some office things because he has finally had his shoulder completely replaced. A heck of a thing to get done. This summer I was actually answering much of his email, and generally pitching in to help. (He offered to pay me, but I didn't think it was fair as he has given me a life!) Now if Tom wants to discuss EXACTLY what it was that transpired and why he personally ran "afoul" of Doyle's promises I would be happy to discuss that in public if he wishes. Suffice as to say there is another side to it and Tom is bitter. I would happily discuss why if he wants to continue this on a public forum. No problem.

As for Ryan and the original post, again if Ryan wants to discuss the real problems here in public that is cool. I notice a distinct lack of detail in his post. I would be happy to fill that in if anyone sends me a PM. Ryan has called every member of the roster to try to tell them how bad the gig is. He has tried to make it so that D&D Entertainment no longer has the gig. OOPS, didn't work. They still to this day badmouth them at every turn even to other agencies. Seems like they need to get over it.

Fly By Night is actually a name that Michael Goudeau used with his partner for 15 years working cruise ships Las Vegas and comedy clubs. Hmmm I wonder if Michael is ok with someone else using his creation?

In short I think Ryan needs to take some of his own advice. Back when Ryan was working for Danny there was a fake Rip Off Report filed online by a bitter performer. Ryan answered it, unsolicited I may add, and has some advice that he should probably take. Here is the link, it is ironic to say the least.

Aside from some pretty bad grammar, spelling and the fact that he does not know the difference in slander and libel, it does make a good point. I hope we can just drop this stupid defamation out of anger thread. I am shocked it is allowed on public forums.

martin ewen 12-13-10 06:44 PM

Woah this guy has a horse!
Xmas coming up (crosses fingers)
(pony pony pony pony)

Jack Oulicky 12-14-10 12:09 AM

Yes I do, and as you suggested I told my truth. PLUS I disclosed I had a horse in the race. The complainers, well they disclose nothing of the real problems only say they have problems.

I have to say that what was said about Danny being hard headed is dead on balls accurate I must admit. He is a right wing conservative almost nut job! No kidding. It is what it is. He has his bad points. I have had some knock down drag out go for the throat type of debates with him over anything you can name.

He by no means walks on water or is the best out there. He makes lots of mistakes, but in good faith. I have heard of better agents out there. That by no means makes him a bad person. As you said each has his own personal "truth". I would just like to see this put to rest as it is an old wound, about a year old now and not worth opening. Move on guys. (Not directed to you Martin.)

Mark Lewis 01-30-12 04:04 PM

You need have no fear of the gig itself. You will be paid on time and you will enjoy the experience. Learn to get along with Danny and you will not have a worry in the world.

martin ewen 01-30-12 04:24 PM

Get a grip...
Presumably this topic is dead, you say so yourself but was referred to elsewhere to "put Danny Doyle in his place"

So you come over here, start an account and your first post is a further mealy attempt to "put Danny Doyle in his place"

Your lickspittle is showing.

gsidhe 01-31-12 07:48 AM

I think you mis read Mark's post Mr. Ewen... This thread here on is being referred to in a thread on the Magic Cafe. The thread on the cafe is using this thread to put down Danny. Mark stepped in on this thread to defend Danny since Mark cannot post on the Magic Cafe.
Complicated, but Mark is actually being nice.

Mark Lewis 01-31-12 08:19 AM

Nobody should be afraid of working for Danny Doyle. If you go down there, do your job and mind your own business you will get along fine. If you go down there with an attitude of whining and telling him how he should run his business you will be doomed. Entertainers tend to be prima donnas. That doesn't work with Danny.

Just telling it like it is.

Isabella 01-31-12 07:33 PM

Mark - most of the posts in this thread defend Danny. They make specific points about what they like about working with him, and point out that the original poster isn't specific at all about his complaints.

Martin's been on this group for a long time - a lot of us know him personally, and he is helpful and shares a lot of knowledge. He raises a valid point that you may want to *read the thread* before jumping in. And while you may not appreciate Martin's sense of humor (there are whole nations that don't, but it would take too long to list them alphabetically and they'd be put out if we went by per-capita income or S&P rating), your dismissal of him in the first paragraph reads like you're trying to be funny and coming off as a pompous windbag.

Maybe go work on your material and come back later?

Mark Lewis 01-31-12 10:53 PM

I came here to make one post and one post only. That was to defend Danny Doyle. I did not expect to prolong my stay to deal with offensive remarks that were completely unprovoked.

Isabella 02-01-12 12:18 AM

Well, we know why you're a magician and not a comedian.

I'm sure Danny's thrilled to have such a personable, friendly and kind defender. With friends like you, who needs detractors?

gav 02-01-12 05:00 AM


Originally Posted by Mark Lewis (Post 59754)

I came here to make one post and one post only. That was to defend Danny Doyle. I did not expect to prolong my stay to deal with offensive remarks that were completely unprovoked.

You write like a pompous ass riding on a very high horse.( a precarious balancing act that's bound to topple)
I'd say that's provocative enough.

Thankfully you will never write here again, if we take your word for it.

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