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Dr Jazz 05-28-10 05:58 AM

Busker friendly cities in Northeast USA?
I'm a busking guitarist in VA and want to head north for cooler weather during the summer months.... I have a motor home and would like to find a place to park and then take my toad (Windstar Van) to and from busking sites. I'm disabled and a little nervous about this.... any advice would be greatly appreciated.

DavidDoyleEnt 11-08-10 12:17 PM

Don't know if we're considered North East for this but Pittsburgh is Busker Friendly. No permits needed for public places.

harmonicakev 11-14-10 10:11 AM

Boston and Cambridge (and Somerville!) are reasonably busker friendly, but the competion is fierce. No one I've talked to has any good reports; it could be the economy.i.e when unemployment rises, folks try other things, including busking...also, folks are a little tighter with a buck.
Ciao - kevin M

strollivarius 11-15-10 01:41 PM

University towns-best 4 busking
Best places I've found are Iowa City, Iowa- on the downtown mall. If you can find a party store near ANY major university campus- they work great-on Thurs, Fri and Saturday nights after 9p.m. Masses of students going in to by beer, etc.. I usually start playing without any permission. If you are a good performer and get a crowd (not too big) the owners of the store or the police will not bother you. Police and store owners in University towns are much more open-minded and encourage busking as opposed to a town which may have more crime. Police departments in those cities are too stressed and may often feel the need to let off steam by hassling buskers.

Farmers markets on Sat. mornings are great.

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