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Laurent Piron 06-19-10 03:20 PM

New Amp: Mipro MA-202
Hey guys,
I just got my new amp:

And its seriously the best amp I've seen in the street.
56w, 3kg, 10h battery, SD card and USB reader,...

You guys should really check this out... Totally worth it !!! (I'll be in Edinburgh, if some of you want to see, and hear it !!)


Frisbee 06-20-10 10:52 PM

i had posted on this item and hoping and waiting for it to come is the sound compared to the crate limo?


Laurent Piron 06-21-10 10:50 AM

I never had the Crate, so I can't tell you ! But the Ma-202 has (as my opinion) a great sound. The 2 speakers make the sound very clear, even in high volume !!

FireNix 06-22-10 10:04 PM

looks good
Handleable ergonomicaly and weight wise - what about on the pocket/hat?
How much did it cost you and from where - as it says 'coming soon' on the weblink

Stephon 07-01-10 07:51 PM

Is it available anywhere in the U.S. yet?

Laurent Piron 07-02-10 07:17 AM

Larry Neubauer <>

Thats the contact for Mipro in the US, ask him for the availability and prices !


Stephon 07-02-10 12:00 PM

Thanks, Laurent.

Juggalicious 07-03-10 09:04 AM

I believe the mipro amps are branded as fender products here in the USA as the amp can is now officially discontinued.

roblok 07-09-10 02:32 AM

picking one up on Monday...
Picking mine up on Monday at a dealer in Hong Kong.

Cost about: USD 615

Fairly new product so the included wireless handheld is on order. I took one of their wireless headsets as a substitute. Wanted the lithium battery but that's on order as well.

2 year warranty. not too shabby.

I'll let you guys know how it sounds at Linz!

LAURENT: Any surprises I should be ready for when I'm on the road with it?


Stephon 07-09-10 03:28 AM

Does it have an equalizer built in?

Laurent Piron 07-09-10 07:23 AM

No, it doesn't have any Equalizer ! That would have been really good !
Roblok, I don't see anything wrong with this amp, but maybe you will !

Stephon 07-09-10 02:14 PM

Thanks. (plus 10 characters)

roblok 08-02-10 11:23 AM

after three festivals..big and small..
Okay, I love the Mipro 202 but unfortunately it can't really handle huge circles.

And if there are any other big shows near you, you're going to get blown out by them if they have bigger systems.

But the smaller pitches? Works great. Nice and portable. Great quality sound.

Just not enough kick for big shows.

May have to get a Stuff and Thing MK2. Saw it in action the last two weeks and was very impressed.

Scot Free 08-02-10 11:20 PM

best bang for the buck
Anchor can't be beat!

Minnie Maniac 07-15-11 11:28 PM

Thanks for the info guys. That was exactly what I was looking for :)

nick w 12-24-11 10:46 AM

two years ago I bought the 202 from a dealer in Taiwan and had it shipped to my residence in Thailand....before it was ever on the market...I simply emailed the manager of Mipro (oddly easy to get ahold of him) and asked for it. viola! for two years now ive been using the 202 and its great. when using a sd card reader or usb the sound goes down considerably. i have been using an ipod 2nd generation and its perfect for me. the built in mic is crystal. kenny lightfoot used his wireless mic on it a month ago and became a believer.....mipro is all quality as far as im concerned. and if you want the best sound, quality and small package, theres really no other option....well there is but why bother?

jared 03-20-12 07:46 AM

I need a good portable amp and am considering this one. What kind of audience size can it handle? The Mipro website says it can reach 500 people.. I'm assuming thats not outdoors though. If I could get out to at least 300 people outdoors I think this will be all right for my purposes.
Has anyone tried any of their other products? The MA-303 has a bit more juice at 40W and is only 6 pounds.
The MA-705 is 70W and 21 pounds.

nick w 03-20-12 09:15 PM

i have the 202 and its a wonderful amp. it fits in my carry on case and I use it for everything. it has a wireless mic that self charges in the back compartment. the only downside is that the battery was taken from me at the auckland airport and finding a replacement is trickey. other than that I recommend this amp fully

Trollson 04-28-12 05:26 PM

Body pack with 202?
Hi Laurent and everyone using the 202. You said elsewhere, Laurent, that you used a body pack with the 202. None of the manufacturers specs say that's ok - is it some kind of home patch up job, or is it out-of-the-box?

Thinking about getting a 202, but the handheld is of no use to me at all. The Micro site offers an option between handheld or body pack if you're getting the 101, but the 202 just offers the single handheld as an option. I think even if it's easy to use a body pack, I'll probably have to get the hand held and let it live in a drawer, as I believe it comes as a package, no?

Wish I could afford to wait for the 303, it looks great, but I don't know if they are really out there yet - can't find a single retailer that has them. Unless someone has a lead on where to get one (in North America).


nick w 04-29-12 09:38 PM

I can say that two years ago when I bought the 202, it wasnt available in the USA, I had a friend bring it from Taiwan....I reckon this is the same situation. The 303 will be stateside, just not at this moment.....

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