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Laura Ernst 06-21-10 10:52 PM

*AGENCY WARNING* RHK Entertainment
RHK Entertainment is an agency in Baltimore run by Keith Smith. It has been months since I have done a gig for him and I have still not been paid, despite many phone calls and email reminders.

He has flat out lied to me on many of these phone calls telling me it was in the mail. The first time he told me it was "in the mail" he did not have my address. I'm hoping that others will be careful or paid upfront when dealing with this agency.

martin ewen 06-22-10 02:19 PM

I was amused that on the home website the first piece of promo was a quote about the quality of a singer at a nursing home.

NY/Vegas/Paris/Tokyo/nursing home

He's not going to pay you if he's already lied to you. Sorry about that.
Thanks for the warning though, that's useful for people in the future.

I should try to get on his roster, be a good yarn.

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