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thezonebook 08-11-10 09:40 AM

Author and performance coach
Hi all!

I'm a professional musician, author, and performance coach.

My writing and performance coaching work helps all performers to enjoy auditions, competitions, recitals and so on.

"Performing in The Zone" became a #1 best selling new release on

I also give 1-on-1 performance coaching live and online via skype.

If you, or a friend or colleague suffers from anxiety and would like to *enjoy* standing up in front of an audience (instead of dreading it!), feel free to send me a message via

Best wishes!

Jon Gorrie
-author, Performing in The Zone | #1 best selling new release

Lex Brodie 08-11-10 12:55 PM

You must be pretty desperate if you're trying to get business from street performers, who, if they're starting out, probably can't afford your services, and by the time they're successful, have worked it out for themselves.

Ever consider getting out there and performing yourself? :laugh:

thezonebook 08-15-10 09:34 AM

The owner of this forum suggested I post here.

I've been a professional performer for over 15 years.

Best wishes to you.

thezonebook 08-15-10 09:45 AM

Also, feel free to check out where you can find information about my work as a professional trumpet player.

Best wishes.

Lex Brodie 08-15-10 02:18 PM

In reality it sounds like a good deal because for everyone, the big step is getting out there and feeling comfortable and being able to "let it flow". I guess I was being a little bit mean.

martin ewen 08-16-10 08:37 PM

hi, you don't know me, up until this time there was no need.

However it has come to my attention as a guru to the guru's that you may have attained a level of self consciousness required to allow my specialist services traction within your orb.

While there are differences, you modulate air flow to produce differentials in air pressure to feed yourself while I do not, [as just one example among many] there are also resonances.
..parently you're a Kiwi

"Well son, I've got choices, backline or scrum".... oldschool coaching.

"Let me help you streamline efforts towards your objectives.".... newschool coaching.

"who moved my fucking cheeze!! FUCK!"...failed coaching.


Normally, because of the prodigious demand for my wisdom I cannot guarantee I will get to my clients in this life. In this instance this is mitigated by one of the senses I have that you do not.
But you could have.
If you paid me.

thezonebook 08-17-10 02:53 AM

Hi Martin,

I'm not sure I understand your post.

However, you are very welcome to download all 3 free publications currently on this page:

Best wishes to you.

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