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Knoxious 09-14-10 06:16 PM

Victoria Buskers 2011, BC
Hey everyone,

Does anyone have an idea of whether a 10 day busking festival in Victoria, BC would be a flying success? I'm speaking in terms of available punters to fill out a crowd rather than a guess on the competency of organisers.

Has anyone busked Victoria?



dawndream 10-08-10 12:49 AM

Victoria is a great place to busk, they have a very good local scene & the tourists that come off the cruise ships helps it a lot.

A Buskerfest would go down nicely, I would assume, especially since the scene thrives on it's own & the Jazz Fest is such a success.

Scot Free 10-08-10 08:25 AM

The welcoming locals there will love you for it!

Irina 08-13-11 09:08 PM

It is an awesome festival for circle shows chosen for the stages, but so-so for small acts. If you have never been to Victoria and want to see the city - it is a great opportunity to do it, as it's pretty difficult to get a buskers permit for Harbourfront, but during the festival there are "Busker Stops" where you can work without the city permit if you are a part of the festival. I do not know if you will do well or not - depends on your act and location. I was painting faces there and I did not do very well financially, but I loved the city and the festival and will come back if my schedule permits.

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