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martin ewen 12-30-10 12:57 AM

I need readers
So I've written a book, working title, 'Panto Damascus, one clowns alphabet'
26 stories, one for each letter of the alphabet based on a city or town beginning with that letter.
Contrived? you betcha!

It's done and I need readers who can give critical feedback.

Then I'll take that under advisement and am going kindle.

email me and I'll shoot you the PDF.

dave walbridge 12-30-10 11:15 AM

Love to help.

Isabella 12-31-10 09:34 AM

Sent you an email :)

martin ewen 12-31-10 09:48 PM

mine to you bounced, send me another from either that acc again rather than pnet or another.

Isabella 01-01-11 02:21 AM

Sorry! Just updated my email here. It's allison at angelsintheair dot com.

Frisbee 01-06-11 02:22 PM

send to me...
frisbee at

FireNix 01-14-11 07:07 PM

Im happy to help Martin
phirenix at yahoo dot co dot uk

Butterfly Man 01-31-11 07:44 PM

Send me the pdf please
I can't help wondering if there is some clown over in Japan who just finished 10,000 stories.

martin ewen 01-31-11 07:57 PM

I'm secure only I can write my stories and only I could have so narrowly survived them.
Bade farewell to the emotional asburger of nine years yesterday.
What a mutual hell that was. The final two year dance of death. I came my closest yet.
One last addiction to cold turkey. Today's day one.

Anyway I have the first edit back with all the spelling and grammar fixed. Now onto discretionary editing. However I'm typing this from an itouch because my notebook was driven over by some oblivious woman yesterday who lives on another planet and can park then repak as many times as she wishes. My bag was 40 feet away from where she halted. Fucken anyway she's now expunged and I need a computer. Any computer that can simply run word, to open and select 'accept' and 'reject' on the edits thus far.or I'll wait for my disability payments after rent at my half way house for shambling fuckups to mount up till I can get a notebook.

Yep I got certified as psycologically disabled a week ago. Believe me, that was an improvement .
Dry heaving with grief today. I'll deal.
This sad clown thing is all they said it would be .

Mr.Taxi Trix 12-03-11 01:55 AM

Living in a land where books in English are expensive and shipping is slowish, I finally have the excuse to get a Kindle. Martin's book was one of the first I bought. I would describe myself as delighted with it, if I were the type to do that kind of thing.

Excellent as usual, Ewen.

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