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caricatureguy 01-17-11 11:20 PM

Anybody ever get a gig through them?? I have been getting leads from them unsolicited for over a year now. I gave them a few bucks to bid on leads and never heard anything about it since. I'm interested to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience.

FunnyMagicRic 01-23-12 09:58 PM

I get 'leads' a lot. BUT....the ones I seem to get aren't looking for quality...just price. I have also, noticed that a certain genre of client uses this service. At least that is the particular lead that I seem to get the most of. But, this is only my experience. I wouldn't mind hearing some positive and success stories from others that use the service.

Mike Weakley 01-24-12 07:50 PM

I, too, have been getting leads from them for awhile. One time, I got all the information on a particular gig without having to pay anything. Apparently, the client specifically asked for me & only me, so Eventective didn't charge me for the information. However, the client didn't want to pay my rates, so I didn't get the gig. All the other leads I've ever received from Eventective require me to pay $2.50 just to get the client's information. I am very reluctant to pay anything for something that I expect I won't get anyway. And I'm not too fond of any company that uses that type of business model to make their money. Plus, I've never heard of anyone who has ever gotten a gig from them after paying the upfront fee. I would love to hear from someone who has.


caricatureguy 04-19-12 09:28 AM

Thanks. I've heard the same from just about everyone else I've asked also.

Irina 04-19-12 11:00 AM

Hi, you should sign with - it is a national agency specializing on caricatures and face-painting, and it's free, they get their comission from clients. They send us lots of gigs, you choose your rate and minimum amount of hours, and they pay in check 2-3 weeks later. I really love working with them! If you contact them - tell them Irina sent you!

Mike Weakley 04-19-12 04:13 PM

I am signed up with as well, and they are very legit. Haven't received a ton of gigs from them, but have gotten a couple of decent ones so far this year. And I like the fact that I don't have to pay them anything to be listed with them, or to get info on a potential gig.

Mike Weakley

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