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Brent McLeod 02-01-11 09:44 PM

Auckland N.Z International Buskerfest 2011
Hi Guys-
Quick Review of this event

Just finished 5 days here at the 2011 International festival, now in its 11th year, Implimented by Nick Nickolas
Was a huge success with record crowds as we combined it again with Aucklands Anniversary Weekend holiday.

The festival is held in the main viaduct part of the CBD, with 1 pitch just off Queen St our main street.
Pitch 1 was Vulcan Lane that runs off the main street-Gets full very quick but the atmosphere it
creates for the acts is really amazing-the footpaths & the lane were usually blocked.

Pitch 2 is the newly refurbished Downtown area outside westfield mall -under shelter-Again large crowds
arrived prior to the acts beginning.

Pitch 3 was Princess wharf -right in front of the cruise ships but with shelter from a large shop
that kept the wind down a bit with the wharf & water nearby-again the largest crowds were here

Pitch 4 was Viaduct harbour right inder the massive Americas cup Yacht with shelter and as it
was right next to all the bars & seafood festival-again very large crowds waiting for next act...

Thurs Night was a circus showcase at the Classic Comedy club, thanks Scott- that went really well to a good crowd prior to opening shows on Friday

The Night shows were held in the seafood festival Marquee which finished an hour before our shows under shelter with a stage & tech crew etc
These were full both nights -we removed a few tables & squeezed in as many as we could-both night shows again
were full houses, the festival moved from last year & was a better venue as it was close to all the pitches

The following were the Acts that appeared

Sharon Mahoney (Canada)-Miss Canada & Miss Tallulah
Hilarious act with everyone learning more about Canada in this spot than in a lifetime-Go Canada was the catchphrase
and Miss Tallulah was all the men assistants Mama!!!-Also had 1 nutter whose well known here in a wheelchair
who has a massive chip on his shoulder interrupt her act but she handled it brilliantly..

Benny B- Australia-Great act -very Funny-Juggling, comedy & good ladder skills that always went down well with the crowd..
Very popular with the locals

USA BreakDancers- Wow what an act-A hilite with big crowds attending all the shows, dancing skills beyond the norm,
quite spectacular with good audience interaction, compere, Robot Dancer,funnyman was Julio Santiago, from New York..

Franktastico-UK/Italy-Very funny act with amazing Banjo & music & juggling & Unicyle..
Was again a very popular act with good crowds

The Space Cowboy- Chayne-What can you say about this world class act of 9ft Unicycle ,Blindfold juggling, sword swallowing
Bullwhipping & brillliant audience interaction -Hugely popular & was voted Peoples Choice award.. say no more

Damien Ryan-Australia-Another very funny act with Whips & comedy-very funny gags with a small toy dog,
as well as a neat guy to boot, his finale with 12 volunteers while they hold the rope he stands on juggling was hilarious...

Duke Dreamer-Dan Nimmo-Bizaerre Hilarious act with knives, Aeroplanes flying around his head, weird expressions & brilliant comedy
with a finale upa 10 foot pole on a cloud Mini Me...very popular

Hemlock-Australia- Very skillful act of acrobatics over people lying down while wearing a tight leather strapped outfit-was hilarious,
the finale of trampoling summersault over 3 people & grabbing a toy off the guys head-meant big hats-popular act

Mr Fungus-NZ-Fergus-Really funny act that the crowds enjoyed, very funny gags,that had the crowds roaring, great mime & balloons
as well as clever juggling-Fergus MC'D the night shows and was a real class act with humour & keeping the audience up for the acts
following-Did brilliant job behind the scenes ..

All in all very successful, Kudos to Pam & Cara from Crackerjack Promotions who run the event
Changes in venue were needed this year and it happened.
Night show was under cover-keep it that way
Auckland crowds really getting into it now - heard some hats were generous.
Had a couple of double bookings with the seafood festival band stage during the day as extra shows
but was sorted quickly.
No major problems except wheelchair angry dude busting in on 1 show but us a site supervisors sorted it real quick...

Festivals growing -Have some awesome photos, crowds & acts Ill upload soon as I recieve them from the promoters

Keep performing.........


Brent McLeod 02-03-11 01:22 PM

Heres a link to some Pics

martin ewen 02-03-11 11:33 PM

Good. I'm glad someone else stepped up and put some effort into reporting back. I for one appreciate reviews of fests.

So... 'implemented' by nick. Did he scrunch up his forehead from a distance or was he there?

Brent McLeod 02-03-11 11:45 PM


Thanks for the comments..

I think Nick was scrunching his head from afar...
First time in 10 years he wasnt there.. Missed him
Few problems about sponsorship he wasnt happy with etc last year??
but Im sure he will fill you in on all the details..
Hope to see you back here soon yourself performing again..


martin ewen 02-04-11 12:07 AM

I was filled in. I see all, I'm like the eye of mordor that lives in a dorm at rehab.
I just wondered if he was there. I didn't think he would be but thought he might have snuck across on a giant eagle. ( to drop a tennis ball into a volcano and bring my reign to an end)

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