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Greg Moreland 03-21-01 09:34 PM

Cruise agency protocol question
Greg Moreland

worldwidese 03-28-01 10:59 AM


<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">Originally posted by Greg Moreland:
I'm fairly new on the CRUISE circuit, so I'm hoping that there's someone out there who's familiar enough with the scene to help clue me in on a protocol issue that I've recently been confronted with.

Maybe there's someone familiar with this scene who can wise me up on how things are supposed to work here...

Greg Moreland

The best way to deal with this is to go DIRECTLY to the cruise lines. You don't really need an agency, or to pay their fees. Unless you sign up for a really short period until you get your feet wet.(pun) All you need is to send a short video. Kelly

Greg Moreland 04-02-01 03:50 PM

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DynaMike 09-11-03 08:51 AM

Who are some of the agents that deal with cruise ships?
Anybody know of any in Canada?


TCsteinberg 07-11-05 12:09 AM


You're correct that it creates mucho problemos if you have more than one agent submit you for a particular line. It can create some ill-feelings with the agent, as well confusing the entertainment director at the cruise line, they're not sure who really represents you. Bottom line, whatever cruise lines your agency submitted you to, stay loyal & don't have another agent submit you.
If the other agency wants to submit you to a different line, no problem. It's important to be honest with these agents at the get-go, so there are no questions or mis-conceptions later on.

or...... you can be just like the agents, and LIE THRU YOUR TEETH!
(i'm joking, actually using an agent has it's advantages).

good luck!

le pire 07-28-05 04:52 PM


Originally posted by TCsteinberg
Bottom line, whatever cruise lines your agency submitted you to, stay loyal & don't have another agent submit you.
If the other agency wants to submit you to a different line, no problem. It's important to be honest with these agents at the get-go, so there are no questions or mis-conceptions later on.

This is great advice. I do different cruise lines with different agents and have yet to have a problem because I have been very upfront with them from the start. The cruise ship entertainment community is smaller than you would think and generally speaking all the agents know each other and the acts they represent. A good agent will respect the fact that as a performer you need to work, regardless of who books you. Some agents demand exclusivity, which personally I don't mind, as long as they reciprocate the exclusivity.

Email me off-forum which lines you are on & maybe we can swap stories in Belize or somewhere.


caricatureguy 01-18-06 01:02 AM

I would love to hear how a cruise gig works for you guys. There is a company that books caricature artists I have heard about. They charge the artist 30 - 50 penguins a day to go on the boat and the artist has to work at least 2 hours a day. The artist is on his own for travel to the ship too. Is this normal? There is quite the discussion going on on another forum I belong to.

TCsteinberg 01-18-06 09:21 AM

hiya CC Guy,

the policy's vary from cruise line to cruise line, and what they pay & offer a stage act, is very different than what they offer musicians. I wouldn't know if it would be comparable to what they would offer an artist like yourself to come aboard and draw your caricatures.
You said they "charge the artist 30 - 50 penguins a day".
Does that mean you pay them for the privilige of coming aboard and then charging the passengers for your own fee?
If so, I cannot comment on that, I'd have no idea how that works.

In most cases for a stage act, they pay for your travel to and from the cruise ship, wherever it may be in the world. They cover airfare, cargo, taxi's, hotel's, and sometime a food allowance.
On the ship they pay you a weekly fee, and when you're not working (which is usually one or two nights a week), you have passenger status. You get your own cabin with bathroom, where musicians may have to share a cabin.

Hope any of that info helps, good luck!

~ tc

caricatureguy 01-31-06 11:53 AM

I have heard recently that through a private agency, the cruise ships allow artists to vacation on the ship with a companion if they will draw for an hour or two and pay $30-$50 per day. While this clearly sucks, apparently this is a one timer. I have heard that if the cruise ship likes you, they will hire you outright to work on the ship the next time you apply for a trip and you only have to draw for a couple of hours a day (not sure at what rate) and they will fly you in to do it. Plus you can enjoy the cruise the same as any other guest. I might try it - if my wife will let me!

TCsteinberg 01-31-06 10:52 PM

in the 22 years of I've been working on cruise ships, I've never seen a Caricature Artist hired.
Good Luck, hope you set a new standard!!!

le pire 01-31-06 11:18 PM

DON'T do it. They should fly you in, accomodate you and pay you for your services. Cruise ships have also allowed me a guest (as long as they pay for their transportation to and from the port)

Here's why I say turn it down:

I now perform at the King Richard's Renaissance Festival and have repete contracts with them. When I first sent them my demo tape a couple of years ago and they called me and said that I had sent it in too late and that they had already allocatted all of their performers budget but they would LOOoooOOve to have me, so would I would be willing to perform for only passing the hat. I said nope and passed. They hired me the next year, paid me what I wanted and are bringing me back.

This is why I said NO:

a) they were PAYING other performers so I should be paid as well

and (most importantly)

b) If you are not paid what you are worth it is EXTREMELY detrimental to other performers. When it comes time to contract negotiations, they could turn to the other performers and say... "Well, you may want $$$$ plus passing the hat, but I can get THIS guy who is just as good and he'll do it for ONLY the hat!" It won't be long before the bar is lowered and we are ALL screwed, my friend.

The cruise industry HAS the money (believe me they do) so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think about the long run and the other performers in the community. Solidarity.

Work on your act, work on your promo (ESSENTIAL for cruise ships) and stick to your guns.


caricatureguy 02-01-06 12:25 AM

cruise ships
Thanks guys. Le Pire, that is indeed what we were discussing on the caricature forum that caused me to pose this question.

Mr.Taxi Trix 02-01-06 10:11 AM

Hi Todd! Good to see you posting here.

I would not only decline the gig, but I would send the offending ship a hamster, because THAT"LL show em.

Buster Bailey 09-07-10 02:16 AM

@ DynaMike
Don't want to sound like a wet blanet , but I've seen the ads out there promoting job's on cruiseships for Canadians but I believe its only for serving / hospitality positions and not as entertainers. :( Please correct me if I'm wrong ! and I genuinely hope that I am.

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