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Amanda Huotari 03-04-11 08:07 AM

Celebration Barn's 2011 Workshops
Located in the beautiful foothills of Western Maine, Celebration Barn is an international center for creating and performing original theater. Workshops with world-class teaching artists include housing and meals. Visit or call (207) 743-8452 for more information.

Improv, June 13-18
with Patti Stiles
Embrace the unknown! Emphasizing sponteneity, narrative and technique, this workshop will engage both your intellect and instinct to find new depths of playfulness on stage and in the moment. $800

Joy of Phonetics, June 20-25
with Louis Colaianni
Revitalize your experience of language by exploring sounds, embodying speech and deepening your connection to spoken texts. It's an entire semesterís work in the span of one week. $800

Celebration Intensive, June 27-July 9
with Davis Robinson, Karen Montanaro and Guests
Build a foundation for making theater that is rich with originality and spontaneity. It's the best of the barn in two weeks. $1,600

Xtreme Physical Theater, July 18-23
with Daniel Stein
Empower yourself to have the body of a gymnast, mind of an actor, and heart of a poet as you broaden your physical vocabulary to experience a sense of total engagement. $800

Eccentric Performance, July 25-August 6
with Avner Eisenberg and Julie Goell
Explore the core of red nose clowning. Learn how to build rapport with your audiences, find comedy in problem solving and discover your personal Eccentric performer. $1,600

Art of Movement, August 8-13
with Karen Montanaro and Christine Sullivan
Celebrate movement possibilities through improvisation, Alexander Technique and a variety of physical disciplines. Learn how to achieve maximum theatrical expression with minimum effort. $800

Performance for Musicians, August 15-20
with Deborah Henson-Conant and Karen Montanaro
Investigate your strength and uniqueness as a performer and develop your own style of musical performance at any skill level. $800

Directed Residency with Robert Post, August 22- September 3
Collaborate with a reknown master of physical theater to both electrify and refine your work. $1,600

Show Incubation Residencies September 6-October 4
Retreat to the Barn for intensive rehearsal time to take your show in development to the next level. Come for one to four weeks. $200/person/week

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