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omnigut 03-21-11 09:27 AM

The Busking Project
Hey all;

Thank you to the people from this community who have provided advice and support for this project. The Busking Project is now in full swing - we are filming in Marrakech, next stop Barcelona. We hit our funding target on Kickstarter, the website is being updated with performers and journey posts, and facebook-twitter is a great way to keep track of our daily adventures.

For those of you who do not know, The Busking Project is a 10 month world tour to document street performers: check it out at


dawndream 09-22-11 11:27 PM

Have people followed this project? It's freaking amazing IMHO

I just wrote a post about my experiences with this crew on my blog:

dawndream 10-07-11 07:56 PM

I also made a video about these guys. :)

dawndream 10-07-11 07:56 PM

I also made a video about these guys. :)

Irina 03-13-12 01:08 AM

How do local videographers join Busking Project?
Hey, can people join Busking Project as videographers? I have been videotaping local street performers in New Orleans for a couple of years and have whole bunch of unedited clips on my youtube channel, and now I am taking this up a notch and using much better video-camera and lerning to edit in Sony Vegas. Evendually I want to make a full size documentarie about NOLA street performers. Miss Pearl, the Kamp Katrina Lady/silver mime also does a lot of videos about street performers who pass through town and stay in Kamp Katrina. I wonder if we can join Busking Project as videographers.

omnigut 03-13-12 05:17 PM


Originally Posted by Irina (Post 59906)
Hey, can people join Busking Project as videographers?

Hi Irina, yes, you can join us. We have no formal application process, and we'd be working together in a mutual trust way. Our only stipulations about the content we put on our site is that:

1) It must be shot in HD. And if not HD, it must be high-quality footage.
2) The audio track must be clear. Most of the time the camera's on-board microphone is not good enough, but in certain situations (not much surrounding noise, no wind, little movement) you might find it's okay.
3) The topic of the footage must be street performers. A street performer doesn't even have to appear in the film it can be interviews with people on the street, or whatever but it must be on the topic of busking.

We're working on finding funding for a much larger, more involved website. If that all goes ahead as planned there will be the ability for filmmakers and street performers to create their own profiles, where they can essentially make a video channel of their busker-related footage. And if you would like to become a more-involved contributor, you'd be added to our "team".

Let's talk about what shape that would take. Email me:

This applies to anyone else who reads this!

lodge 05-17-12 07:41 PM

Did you have any luck with footage from others?

omnigut 05-18-12 08:54 AM

"Job done", sort of. We have footage of buskers in 40 cities in 30 countries on 5 continents :)

Now it's just the tough part of raising money and editing it all together...

lodge 05-25-12 04:26 PM

beggars can't be choosers...

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