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young raoul 05-24-11 09:20 PM

Steve Hansen
Steve Hansen just left us - a great, sweet man - hell of a puppeteer in his day and always a great hang - loved that guy

Butterfly Man 05-27-11 01:43 AM

Thanks Young One
Got the sad news from Young One just today. Drove immediately to Steve's memorial with Kumi and gave our condolences to Charlie & Judy. Many locals also gathered to honor a great man and puppeteer near his apartment next to Hilo Bay. I will say goodbye to my good friend in my own way soon... it is still quite a shock. I loved the guy.

Butterfly Man 05-30-11 11:58 AM

Old School
I met Steve in '78 in the Bay Area when he and Gary Schnell decided to go solo. He had already done the "early years" busking in SF and NY. We talked of those times often and he gave me his "Preliminary Memoirs" entitled "The Sound of my Hands Talking".

Steve had quite a life as a puppeteer with historical roots in busking so I posted it with his permission on pNet (embedded in the Blah Blah Blah section under "Story time for Rachel") about 2 years ago. I'm pretty sure it's the only copy that exists.

I went back and copied it and posted it in it's entirety on both my and his Facebook page then gave his son Charlie the only hard copy.

I just want to thank pNet for keeping this great man's memory alive.

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