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Charlie 06-11-11 03:55 AM

Summer International Theatre Workshop Series

A truly unique combination of professional training and a wonderful holiday adventure!

Actors, performers, students and teachers of acting, anyone and everyone who is part of the extended theatre “family” – welcome to the International Summer Workshop Series 2011 at the Artistic Centre in Bjørke, Norway!

"REinventing action"
July 7th - 21st 2011


"Actor’s identity: the double belonging"
July 25th - August 8th 2011

Why attend?
- Because it will be an experience second to none - equal parts inspired learning, cultural adventure, and breathtaking nature! It’s the kind of place we’re willing to bet you’ll want to return to, again and again.
- Because there’s a lovely bunch of fellow actors waiting to meet and make you feel at home. Think of all the laughs and great conversation we’ll share over a beer! Not to mention the exciting ideas we can cook up together…

There are still available spots – do not miss this opportunity and make your registration today!

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