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Mike Weakley 10-07-11 01:19 PM

Samson - Expedition XP40iw Portable PA
I'm looking to buy a small, portable PA system with wireless mic & ipod docking station for school and library shows. Anyone had any experience with the Samson Expedition XP40iw system?


nick nickolas 10-07-11 04:08 PM

Hey Mike,

Go out and buy it, they are the bees knees, top machine.


Mike Weakley 10-08-11 10:20 PM

Hey Nick,
Do you use some type of bag or hard case cover to store & transport the unit? I'd like to have something like that if/when I do buy one.


nick nickolas 10-09-11 06:53 AM

Maybe I'm old school but I jus' put it in my suitcase with my other stuff and go to work, plug it in and play.
No nice leather case etc,,, though I hear Gazzo could make you one for $1800.


ScoobyCircus 10-13-11 09:27 AM


Originally Posted by nick nickolas (Post 59436)
Hey Mike,

Go out and buy it, they are the bees knees, top machine.


Hey Nick,

I saw you in freo a couple of years back - I was performing with Reg's street show project for freo street arts before he passed away.

What crowd capacity do you think the XP40iw can handle?

The ipod dock looks handy, and it also looks quite light, but I read somewhere that it's only 40watts- and that doesn't seem very loud.

gav 10-17-11 02:46 AM

I would say 40 watts from 1 unit on the ground is suitable for crowds of 200-300 people, on a stand 300-400, on a stand with an external speaker 400-500

Real 40 watts Rms can be quite loud if matched with the right speakers in the right situation.

I've never heard this samson amp though.

Mike Weakley 10-18-11 12:21 AM

I decided to go ahead and buy the Samson Expedition system. Got a great deal on one at They threw in a $60 speaker stand for free... along with free shipping & no tax. Used the wireless system for the very first time yesterday at a school show. About 150 kids in a small auditorium. The system worked perfectly. I was very pleased with it. Hoping to get the chance to do some shows outdoors to see how I like it there.


ScoobyCircus 10-19-11 11:48 AM

What is the weight of these little guys?

They are looking nicer and nicer every time!

Mike Weakley 10-19-11 08:20 PM

They only weigh about 20 pounds. Very portable & very simple to use. I had zero experience with pa systems before buying this one, and I've had no problem figuring it all out.


Minnie Maniac 07-22-12 11:15 AM

How does it compare to, say a Limo?
I looked at one of these units in a store but I haven't seen one used in a show. How does it compare for big outdoor shows in noisy environments? Anyone have experience with this? Music seemed to distort at high volume when I tried it instore. Does it compare with the beasty Limo at all?

Stephon 07-22-12 10:52 PM

I'm using one to replace my Limo, and I'm happy with it so far. I'm not playing to auditorium-sized crowds, but it is a noisy, outdoor environment, and the Expedition is loud and clear.

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