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davidkaye 10-31-11 04:19 PM

Portland's Busking Scene These Days?
I'm thinking of going up to Portland for a week or two and wanted to know what's going on with street busking these days.

A friend is visiting who doesn't busk and she says she's seen people across Burnside from Powell's bookstore, and downtown in a few places, but didn't remember where. I asked her about Pioneer Courthouse Square where the cops used to shoo buskers away, and she said she hadn't seen any buskers there.

I'm not as much interested in the formal busking venues such as Saturday Market and the Alberta Market (or whatever it's called), but the informal street scene.

Irina 11-30-11 01:31 AM

Voodoo Donut line (5-20 people outside all day long) = captive audience

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