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nicklikesfire 12-23-11 08:07 AM

Static trapeze for sale. 1-3/8" solid SS bar, 1" cotton ropes, leather sleeves.
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Unfortunately I need to sell my static trapeze. It is in fantastic condition. I've had it for six months or so. It is currently rigged in my loft.

1-3/8" solid stainless steel bar. There is no tape on the bar. 3.5" ends. 22" between thimbles. Interior thimbles are welded with an upper cross brace.

1" diameter, three strand, cotton ropes. Ropes are 8'6" to top thimbles.

Top thimbles are large very large. Its really tough to hang these from a 1/2" OP steel D, you will either need to use huge rescue 'biners (see photos), or hang these from slings (also a good option).

Padded around the thimbles and 18" up the ropes. Finished with off white leather sleeves.

Priced for a super fast sale - $250. You pay shipping.

I'm in Northwest CT, and I'm frequently at NECCA in VT, and in Boston, if anyone wants to take a look, or pick it up instead of shipping it.

SkyBlue 02-22-12 12:21 AM

Buyer for trapeze
If you are still selling your trapeze I would love to buy it. Please message me for my contact info. If you've still got it.

nicklikesfire 02-22-12 06:27 AM

message sent. Thanks!

nicklikesfire 03-05-12 07:43 AM

This trapeze has not yet been sold. It is still for sale. Thanks.

nouveu circus 08-19-13 06:44 AM

Trapeze for sale
Hi are u still looking to sell trap.? I'd like to see if ur consider selling to me. U can contact me at my email.
Thank u

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