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kokoP 01-25-12 02:55 AM

Getting a circle act off the Ground & infront of the Public
Just got home from going down to see the World Busking Festival in Christchurch NZ.

I went down to check out the scene and chance my arm and hoped to get some experience.

I thought in the spirit I should be able to have a go either in the busking area or surrounding area.

This proved difficult... I was thrown out of the venue, even as I queued to get tickets to see an evening show ($10 each)

I went busking in Cashel Street Mall, which had a Festival Music busking pitch, though I was some way away down the street.
The people in the city centre are few and far between & Cashel street, even for a well practiced busker would have been heavy going!

I saw many different acts, some very good, some sort of past there use by date and some beginners.

I learnt allot though didn't manage to crack the circle act and hold an audience.

In returning home I see my own home town (Nelson) is advertizing BuskerBurgoo which runs from 2nd -5th Feb.


I contacted them seeking to get myself out there in front of people and once again told they are already full, we'll keep your details for next year.

It's proving difficult to get myself out there...but in reality I'm not really ready yet.....

So how does one get a cirle act up to presentable level without exposure and in a small town like Nelson which outside of Busking Festivals never has circle acts in the street??

Having read Ewens advice re busking....just get out there and do it untill I suck and suck and suck!


nick nickolas 01-25-12 07:04 AM

Get on a ferry and go to Wellington, you can busk there's a great city Mall (walking st) also the Waterfront and Lambton Quay ( Manners Mall used to be a great pitch until the bureaucrats decided to put a road right through it....twats )
Fringe Festival and festival of the arts on end of Feb till end March.
Lotsa people Lotsa fun as Martin says and Nike...Just do it !


kokoP 01-26-12 01:28 AM

Gday Nick,

Thanks for your reply,
I will be clowning at Upper Moutere's Saurau Festival this Sunday, so all is not lost.
My brother lives in Wellington, so that's a definate thing to shoot for.

Wellington is also good around Rugby 7's time, where yahoo-ing is bigtime in Wellywood.

Will be working on it....will keep you posted!

Ps My favourite busker in Chch was Fraser Hooper.....inspriational attitude and performance!

nick nickolas 01-26-12 09:47 AM

wellington, walking steet is cuba street mall

good luck mate

Brent McLeod 01-30-13 12:58 AM

nz fests..
I agree Ch Ch is getting to big as a festival especially for performers trying to get a few dollars-theres over 200 people performing around the streets etc as well as the top 25 etc-Money is thin

Here in Auckland we get about 10 performers and they get all the pitches etc and good crowds

check out this Link I wrote with Pics on the 2013 Auckland Buskerfest

2 of the acts are heading to Nelson this week-Jessica Arpin & Murray Molloy, check them out ....

MagiCol 03-11-13 12:59 AM

Nick and Brent are far more experienced to give advice than I am.
I think the problem of not getting a circle act going is primarily that you've got to have enough people at a venue to start with. And physical space for that kind of show. And if you have to be vetted before your perform, well, get a good promo video and persist at promoting yourself and your services.

So either you get to a busy place like downtown Queen Street in Auckland [but where's the room for a circle act, other than Aotea Square?] and set up there. Or you get to a very busy A and P Show or the like where several thousands of people are at - even if you have to pay for a site.
If the population/peopling at a location is low, then settle for a half-circle or a sidewalk/parlour show that you'll have to do time and again to make money.
I think you already know that.

Sometimes, I'm sure, we just have to settle for the fact that we live in locations where our style of peforming is limited by the nearby populatin numbers. It costs money to travel to the big centres, and sometimes it just isn't worth it for us as individuals.

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