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ScoobyCircus 02-08-12 10:08 PM - I'd love to hear what you think!
Hey Guys,

Just wondering about what people think about my website?

What works?

What can I improve on?


Peter 02-09-12 06:00 AM

NICE!! Liked the videos!

ScoobyCircus 02-09-12 06:23 AM


Originally Posted by Peter (Post 59794)
NICE!! Liked the videos!

Thanks Peter!

ScoobyCircus 03-08-12 05:21 AM

Anyone have any ideas on what I could do better?


Isabella 03-09-12 11:27 AM

Notes as I click through and read things - this is the order things appealed to me to click on -

Home page
The layout is very consistent in color - feels old-fashioned and sepia, is that what you're going for?

Home page and Circus Shows
You might look for some more graphic pictures - most of them are quite dark on my monitor, and it's difficult to make out what's happening. For street/festival shows, would it be worth having a few pics where we see your face very clearly, either with a big smile or with an expression that clearly reflects the mood of your show if you show isn't super-happy-funtime style? Perhaps also some photos where we see the shape of your body in an interesting pose, and/or a happy, smiling audience member. Right now, there seem to be quite a few "guy doing something in front of a faceless mass" and it's not as exciting as when we can see you and see their smiles.

It might also be worth getting someone to photoshop some of your existing photos, or considering a different, more colorful costume for some new photos - black with the suspenders blends into the background a lot.

You're really pretty in the face, and we don't get to see that without clicking through to not just the gallery, but an album in the gallery - you've got some nice posed shots there, why aren't any in the front page?

Home Page
The text seems scattered - centered may not be the best layout here. The layout looks less professional than your show - would it be worth either playing with font and justification, or copying someone else's layout in a different font (use them as inspiration, make changes), or just flat out paying someone to do your layout? The page lacks unity. Maybe print it out or stand back and see if the whole page looks like a beautiful, graphic picture that reflects your show, rather than a collection of parts?

I don't know what a "Workshops Folder" is or why it's recommended that I click on it. Put your info on the website. That's why we're here. Condense that information, and maybe present it - or for that matter, the entire website - in the quite lovely graphic style of what appears to be a brochure when we click through? Why isn't that awesome red color all over your website? Why isn't that terrific graphic style all over your website?

Layout seems sparse and too long for the page, can you shorten the page?

Hope this helps - as always, just one person's opinion.

davidkaye 03-11-12 01:42 AM


Originally Posted by ScoobyCircus (Post 59883)
Anyone have any ideas on what I could do better?


Nice website!

Home page: Be careful about alignment. Use block or left alignment whenever you can. The font at the bottom is too large and should be left or block aligned. Avoid gray as it is usually hard to read on poorly adjusted monitors, and you want to get as many readers as you can! (This is my beef with dozens of websites; I've actually managed to get Microsoft to correct it on some of their websites.)

Bio page: This is a good case for block alignment rather than left alignment. Good use of photos. Faces are always excellent, especially if you're smiling. Smiles attract people a LOT.

Circus Shows page: Because the photos are centered this is the best use of text centering. Otherwise it's usually best to avoid it.

Photos page: Best to avoid photos of other people unless they're important to your show or they're general audience photos. Reason: It can be confusing to the reader. You want to focus the reader's attention on your act.

Overall an excellent website! Maybe some day you'll visit us in San Francisco?


ScoobyCircus 03-12-12 09:41 PM

Thanks for the tips guys! I appreciate you taking the time to look at my stuff!

I have already started updating the website. I have done the homepage, bio, circus shows and also the workshop page.

Isabella: I have added a close up photo of me on my homepage. I'll be getting another photo shoot done very soon, so I will have heaps of awesome images to use. For street theatre, I feel it is good to show big crowd shots- to show that people enjoy the act.

I'm also working on shortening my Festivals page. I wasn't originally going to be that long, but I just kept adding to it haha. I've having a little trouble with the editor, but hopefully it will be changed soon.

Davidkaye: I have made the font colour black, and also created more font unity. I've always meant for the colour to be black, but for some reason it never changed from grey. I got it working though =)

I worked the alignment a bit more to try and make it look a little nicer. The editor I use is a real pain and doesn't work half the time, and one of the things it likes to screw with is the alignment.

I have gotten rid of the "with other performers gallery". I've been thinking about doing that for a while.

Thanks for your on-going help =)

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