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StHelensEvents 04-03-12 06:12 AM

St Helens Council Busking Initiative
St Helens Council are currently interested in perpetuating a lively and vibrant Town Centre and so are now actively seeking entertainers of all varieties to join the new Busker permit scheme!

Whether your act is musical, funny or high risk, St Helens Council would like to encourage the participation of both local and national talent on the Town Centre’s main streets.

If you currently busk in St Helens or are looking to start, you must now inform the Council, let us know about your act and when you would like to busk. We also have useful information that will ensure that the entertainment that you provide does not negatively impact or disturb others around you and helps you get the most from your busking experience.

If you are interested in busking in St Helens Town Centre, please contact for more information.

davidkaye 04-03-12 01:06 PM

See, that's the problem with having ordinances. You now have to ask PERMISSION to busk. Busking is supposed to be totally impromptu. People do it and other people discover it, and that's the way it's been going back into antiquity.

I hope that such an ordinance doesn't make it to San Francisco, Berkeley, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Venice beach, or other busk-friendly communities.

jeep caillouet 04-04-12 02:42 PM

I agree busking is spontaneous And thats the way it should be or maybe get paid by some one to have you there. I don't ask permission never. if you can't do it some body will tell you. "you can't do that here".''Move on Mr''. While you walk of with a pocket full of cash.

jeep caillouet 04-04-12 02:53 PM

BTW Aspen pay's for buskers to come there. They have budget from the city. To the best of my knowledge. Oh, so does Vail, Co.

davidkaye 04-04-12 04:03 PM

Aspen and Vail PAY? Wow! Looks like there's a vacation in my future...

jeep caillouet 04-05-12 11:00 AM

Aspen is a public town and you can call the city clerk there. The city issued a grant a year or so ago to bring buskers back. I'm not sure how that did or is doing. Vail is a private town and you have to go through Vail assoiates Housing is the problem in both towns. You have to know how to live on the sly to go there.

Daniel Mooncalf 04-08-12 12:18 AM

It's not St Helen's Washington...
Thankfully, in America; all of these ordinances are against free speech, and can be shot down in court (and often award money to those who challenge them).

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