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Irina 04-06-12 11:09 AM

Question about Denver Octoberfest
Hey, did anybody worked at Denver Octoberfest? How do we get in? I contacted the organisers on facebook but they never replied, so I wonder - can we crash it or you have to be on performers list etc? What is the situation in Denver nowadays - do we need a permit?

Daniel Mooncalf 04-08-12 12:53 AM

I'd not crash it, if you're making the trip from New Orleans. You could very easily be run of... Also, you're gambling it being unworkably cold in late September/early Oct. You're better off trying mid summer.

It also depends on your show. If you're a circle act, Boulder is far better. If you're a small semi circle, Denver will be just fine. I have no opinion of Ft Collins, but it's sounding pretty nice.

jeep caillouet 04-08-12 11:20 AM

I've never worked Denver for October Fest but have worked many October fest in Boulder .That's the first week in October.It's always a good get the heck out of Colorado week end before wenter hits. That puts you in NOLA for about the 2nd. week end of Ocober when the crouds are good and the weather is just cooling off nicely .If you crash the festivals in Denver and happen to get caught you can work just off there site on the 16th. st. mall area.

Irina 04-08-12 11:32 AM

Thanks! I do not really like crashing festivals - does anybody know how I can get in touch with organisers? I do face-painting, so i do not mind being a street artist and paying something for the space - I just can't figure out who is running it? I also want to get year-round street performers permit for Denver - where do we get these and do they issue them to face-painters? Is there a waiting period or you can get it right away?

Stretch 04-23-12 09:26 PM

I found this, good luck:
1430 Larimer Street, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 685-8143

Irina 05-02-12 01:53 PM

This # gets you into automated messaging system - let's see if they call me back...I will also mail them a promo. Have anybody worked there and have a contact for street performers coordinator? Thanks!

jeep caillouet 05-03-12 09:22 AM

I have worked Larimer Sq. many times over the years. Just show up and go to work. Unless it's changed.

Irina 06-05-12 04:03 PM

Octoberfest is run by Human Movement Co out of Louisville CO, I tried to contact them via their web-site and facebook and even mailed them my promo - no reply whatsoever...I wonder if it means they just do not care, or if I show up they will close me...It is kinda expensive to fly to Denver to get closed. Does anybody on this forum live in Denver and could check with City Hall if there is a buskers permit there? It will be much easier to crash a festival with a city permit - they can move you out of the main commercial area, but at least they can't close you if you have a city buskers permit. Worked for me in other cities! (except for Chicago festivals - street performers in Grant Park are supervised by POLICE, they just arrest you and revoke your permit if you do not abide by their draconian rules)

jeep caillouet 06-07-12 10:10 AM

Stretch I for get his last name lives and works there all the time

Peter 06-07-12 10:43 AM


Originally Posted by jeep caillouet (Post 60269)
Stretch I for get his last name lives and works there all the time

Check the members list and you can email him. But the info I got off the list is:Walking tall and stretching imaginations!
Bill 'Stretch' Coleman

You should be able to contact him with that info. He is a great guy and will help all he can.

jeep caillouet 06-07-12 10:50 AM

That's him ,thanks peter.

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