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dave walbridge 05-06-12 10:44 PM

adding weight to LED balls?
Need some tech help: My light up (LED) juggling balls are too light...How can I add weight and still let the lights show?

ScoobyCircus 05-08-12 12:34 AM

Hey Dave!

What LED Balls are you using?

I'm not sure how to weigh them down, but I use these and they are plenty heavy for me.

At 155g per ball, I think it may be easier for you to change equipment.

dave walbridge 05-11-12 12:47 PM

Yes, I'm using 70gm yoho electro's....far too light

ScoobyCircus 05-12-12 11:19 PM

Waay too light for anything other than a kid imo- I think they are the same ball used for the poi they make.

Its a shame really, Yoho were a pretty decent brand until they outsourced all their products and their quality went backwards and are now nothing more than a childrens toy. (jugglerrant)

Check out the ones I posted. They are well priced and look great - This a video of them in use (the first part)

There are also "K8 Balls" which are re-chargeable instead of battery operated. I'll probably purchase these ones soon to see what they are like. The price is a little steeper and you have to buy the charger separately, but the quality looks better.

Hope this helps!


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