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Tim Smith 06-12-12 12:11 PM

Street Performing PhD Research Edinburgh Festival
Hello everyone,

My name is Tim and I am a first year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh and my research is around social interaction public spaces. Specifically, Iím interested in Street Performers and the type of expert knowledge that is acquired and used as part of giving a performance.
One of my project aims is to look at how the street setting is a particular place where performers have a specific kind of expert knowledge and understanding about the type of people who inhabit public space, pass through, might be the kind of people who will watch shows, might not want to watch a show etc.

I am hoping to video record some street shows in order to capture some of the detailed interactions which happen but kind of go ďseen-but-unnoticedĒ (such as how audience members cheer and applaud, how jokes are done, how excitement, anticipation and suspense are created etc.). Any recordings I do collect would only be used for the purpose of my research (inclusion in written work, presentation of clips at conferences and academic workshops) and would not be used or made available in any public domain or for any commercial purpose.

Iíd love to provide anyone who is interested in taking part with their specific recordings and the written thesis (Iím hoping to use two HD video-cameras so the picture quality should be good!). It would be also really nice to have some discussion on your thoughts, ideas and experiences around and about street performing.

Iím going to be lurking at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 2012, hoping to find some street performers who might be interested in taking part in the project.

If you might be interested Iíd love to hear from you!



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