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Isabella 06-26-12 03:48 PM

Made the NYT :)

I got the interview because I read the regular column about "Frequent Fliers" and contacted the reporter. So if you want to be written about, think about what you like to read and let them know you exist and how you might make a fun topic for them!

RiffRaff 06-26-12 07:21 PM

BTW, what did you teach?

Isabella 06-27-12 03:10 AM

Theatre - Acting, Improv, Voice and Movement, Mask, Commedia and Playwriting :) I taught full time at a university and then a small liberal arts college, and have also been a guest artist.


jeep caillouet 06-27-12 01:52 PM

Wow I didn't know you did all that! Nice fun article . I did see you Guys doing your ring act from a distance when you were at the Hilton a few years back. There use to be an act called American gypsy theater that traveled around . They had a routine where they would take a cigarette out of a girls mouth with a wip. That must take a lot of practice. Did you ever see them?

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