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jeep caillouet 07-16-12 10:49 AM

Butterfly man
I've being hearing somethings about him being sick. Does anyone out there know the status of the Butterfly man?

Jim 07-16-12 10:47 PM

I can verify that he's still alive as of about 60 minutes ago. I was honored to get a call back from him during one of his better moments. Unfortunately, it is quite clear that the end is near. He's on oxygen and having trouble maintaining his breath and strength.

It's real this time.

His wife Kumi is there and relaying messages to him. He's definitely hearing from lots of friends. Are you on Facebook, Jeep? If so, look him up and send a message there. If not, let me know.

martin ewen 07-17-12 05:05 AM

He has trouble breathing, he has to struggle even with oxygen. it's a constant effort and there have been times where, [before he had the hospice set-up and a few times since] he knew it was a moment to moment , this is fucking it, endgame.

He wants to die in his sleep. No-one wants to go out struggling for breath and losing. There's no peace in that. He takes anti anxiety meds to deal with the cusping panic of breathing and he takes morphine cos he's dieing and dieing is hard work.

He's hooked up and lay'd out most of the time. He gets up briefly. He has a lot of wellwishing coming through facebook. You are lucky Jim, he finds it hard to speak. He gets a lot of calls he can't answer, he just looks at the phone then ignores it.

He had visitors pop in over the weekend and god-damn it if he didn't make it outside to his usual social place and smile for the camera cos he's hugehearted and the audience is important. He's one fucken spent dude but last week, in one of those moments when he was up, he refilled the dogfood bin tipping a 50lb sack into it so Kumi wouldn't have to and the next day he whispered. "I don't know, it feels like the cancer has moved to my back"

I reminded him he's a 50lb sack weilding terminal dufus.

I may see him tomorrow or the next day, or I may never see him again.
It's OK.

We've said our goodbyes, if you haven't go on facebook and post something.

jeep caillouet 07-17-12 07:34 AM

Thanks every one. I am friends with him on FB. I did see Kumi had made some post there. I just didn't know he was sick. I believe we are the same age. I first met him in SanFransico in the early 80's. Later in 87 in KW for buskers fest. Pease and prayers to him and Kumi.

Stretch 08-30-12 04:50 PM


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