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dave walbridge 07-17-12 11:16 PM

stilts - full foot style
I'm in need of some drywall type stilts for a gig. Prefer adjustable (12"-36?)
In Minnesota/ Any suggestions so far as brand?

Chance 07-18-12 01:10 PM

Home Depot or Lowes should have what you need, and probably cheaper than a juggling shop. They will all come with a breakage warranty, and should be easy to exchange at the store if you decide to switch to another brand or design. But by now they almost all come with some type of flexible foot that moves when you walk, so mainly it comes down to personal taste.

dave walbridge 07-18-12 01:36 PM

Chance -- HUGE thanks! I never though of just going to a store for some. ( and I have some gift cards left over from a recent matrimonial event)


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