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dave walbridge 07-23-12 04:41 PM

Stilt walking advice?
Getting my first pair of big boy stilts for gigs - Any advice on learning/ using them?

Mike Weakley 07-24-12 05:29 PM

Practice, practice, practice... then practice some more... before gigging with them.

Mike Weakley

sippy 07-26-12 07:45 AM

Work with someone who knows how to walk on Stilts to help train you... ESPECIALLY before gigging on them. When you have children running around you, drunk adults falling into you, and unfamiliar terrain having training is the best thing you can do for yourself! If you get the muscle memory of proper form into your body, it will be there when you need it.
But if you're going to practice on your own, start on a solid hardwood floor with a wall (like in a gymnasium) to walk along. Have two ladders, or something tall set up for you to walk back and forth between...
But please... I urge you... get training.

Stretch 02-16-13 02:07 PM

This is one of my mirror sites for the original When I started, I started alongside a chainlink fence. Graduated to walking the sidewalk up and down in front of my house with a pole. Started doing 5 K charity races, then 10 Ks, (I've done the Bolder Boulder five times and finally the Dublin marathon in 1999 and again in 2001.

One helpful exercise is to set up paper bags, or balloons or even five gallon buckets, and walking sideways, practice stepping over the obstacles as well as weaving in and around them while walking sideways. Graduate to stairs. For extra credit, do this while some kid tries to pull your stilt pants down! ;>)

Stilt dancing and walking hills will help as well. Practice with a gallon jug of water in one hand. And then practice some more. Practice on sod and pavement, level ground and slopes, sideways as well as in line. Jumping jacks and jump rope are hard on your stilts, but good fun and LOTS of exercise. Practice in the dark, in a noisy environment. (close proximity fireworks) Good luck and keep in touch.
PS Do not wear earplugs while on stilts in darkness. If it is dark and you can't see well, earplugs seriously inhibit your sense of balance.

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