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Scholarship for Choreographers & Directors of Physical Theatre
Please spread this information among your dance colleagues. Thank you!

Shakespeare Performance Project
for Choreographers & Directors of Physical Theatre

September 2012 - Russian Theatre

International practical course for experienced choreographers and directors with professional stage experience working in various genres, techniques and styles interested to take part in the performance creation at Russian Repertory Theatre and to research the connection between voice and dance, word and physical action.

Several scholarships are available which partially cover the course tuition fee.

To apply for the course, candidates should send to

Letter of motivation stating their interest in joining the course.
Detailed CV describing all specific skills and abilities.
Scanned copy of the passport.
Latest head shot and 2-3 additional photos.
Any additional material describing professional experience: web links to past projects and performances, photo, video, reviews, articles, interviews, etc.
Project web page

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