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Keenan(newbie) 08-03-12 06:58 AM

Whhat to do now.
So i know this guy at work that has been in the business of busking and magic for 25+ yrs. and when i told him i was interested and did a few things he was more then happy to help me out and answer any questions i had. he even invited me out to the "magic club" which my city has that i had no idea about. but to cut to the case, once i started getting better ( adding more tricks learning new things) he was acting surprised but still said thats really good. then when i said i wanted to busk and kinda asked him to be my mentor and help me out ( like ill be his student) he said id probablly be his competition and that his show is for adults and when he busks its like a family thing but more for adultts and he does wedddings and corporate stuff. ( which i wanna do as well.) but it soounded more like he was kinda jealous or scared to help me... become better. anyways just wanna see if this has happened to anyone before. and not just me..and to tell you the truth it just wants me to practice more to become better and be his competition just because he didnt wanna help me. im 21 and he is like older 40s' i think i could pull it off.

davidkaye 08-03-12 03:59 PM

The great philosopher Jerry Garcia once said, "Don't be the best at what you do; be the ONLY person who does what you do."

These are important words for anybody who wants to be good at anything. If you're the best at pulling a rabbit out of a hat, you'll always be compared with other people who pull rabbits out of hats, and some day someone will be better than you at removing rabbits from hats.

But pull a tomato, an onion, a salami, a knife, a cutting board, two pieces of bread, and a jar of mayonnaise out of your hat and you'll amaze and astound! And you'll have lunch for a couple spectators in the front row.

The guy won't feel threatened if what you do is very different from what he does.

Isabella 08-04-12 08:55 AM

Bear in mind, you're also saying to him,

"You make a living at this, and I think you're good. So please help me get good enough to compete with you."

What are you offering in return?

Some of us are fortunate to be helped a lot by one particular person. All of us get helped at least a little by many people, some of whom we don't even know. But it is a challenge to balance helping others with creating one's own competition. It takes time and effort that we take away from making our own show better, or booking it, to help others.

So think about what you can do on your own, what you genuinely need help with, and what you have to offer in return.

Peter 08-04-12 09:36 AM

Keenan, Are you really surprised at his reluctance? I have no idea where you live but it sounds like a smaller town. In a big city like where I am we do mentor young ones coming up, because we know that there is always room for a good busker, and no matter how good the newbie is, I am better known and well liked so I'll always make my nut.

Go to " it's run by Bobby Maverick and Gazzo also teaches there. It lasts 3 days and when it's over I personally guarantee that you will make what you paid for the course in one week or less. Yes I know Bobby and Yes he is THAT GOOD.

Peter PaddyOdill@gmail com

Daniel Mooncalf 08-12-12 09:38 AM

I always make better hats when other buskers are around. I don't understand why people view other buskers as a threat... Even when theyre doing the same stuff.

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