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Steven Ragatz 08-16-12 06:06 AM

Toronto BuskerFest
I'm going to be at the Toronto BuskerFest with Cirque Mechanics this coming week and wanted to find out if anyone I know from P.Net was attending the festival as well. Our group is doing a new mobile circus rig things and I'm slated to do some juggling and/or rolla bolla as part of the moving show. I've not been to this event before, so the only thing I know about it is what I glean from the website. I'm excited to get to see some of the people who have posted on these forums for so many years! Be sure to say Hi - and I'd love to grab an after hours beer to meet some of the 'real' people behind the font.

Steven Ragatz

sippy 08-16-12 08:54 PM

Hi Steven,

We (Stilt Guys) will be there doing roaming walkabout and our Art$Fortune installation which blends stilts/living statue. This will be our first time performing at TO Buskers, but we're already having a wonderful time with all the press and lead up events! It's going to be a really awesome event!!!!

Scot Free 08-22-12 01:26 PM

Hey Steven, I'll be there, I live here. I am doing my solo Scot Free show and my wife and I are doing our clown aerial slapstick show - Fesso and Lu on that mobile rig you're working on! It (the moving rig) looks awesome!
It will be nice to finally meet you in person.

Here's a bunch of us kicking off the promo for the festival by opening up the Toronto Stoke Exchange...

dawndream 11-04-12 07:09 PM

It was great to meet you all there! :)

Steven Ragatz 11-04-12 09:21 PM

Yes, it was super to get to meet so many P.Net people in person. I had a lovely time at the festival. The organizers were A+. The other performers were very cooperative with us driving our rig through the various pitches... We did TRY to be respectful, but you know, we were kinda big for those tiny streets. I was TOTALLY inspired by watching everyone's street shows. Rock on! Loved the raw energy and care-free vibe. It made me very jealous.

I had memories from that festival to be sure. Lots of adrenaline for ol' Steve. Sweat too. I remember lots of sweat as well.

Good times though. If I'm lucky, I'll have the opportunity to do it again sometime.

It was very nice to finally meet you Dawn. Hope the rest of your season played out for you well!

Steven Ragatz

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