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jonnyflash 08-22-12 01:05 AM

Nils Poll Derby Hats Wanted
Hi there,

I'm a-lookin for some Nills Poll Derby hats for a new routine.

Let me know the color, size n asking prices.


Jonny Flash

BRYANDANGEROUS 08-22-12 08:51 PM

Hey I have 3 Nils Poll Manipulator Derbys size 58 and they are black I have pics.

Gimme a shout I'm thinking $150 US dollars +shipping great condition.

jonnyflash 08-22-12 10:01 PM

Ask and shall giveth Ye !

Thankyou Bryan Dangerous for your prompt and safe offer, which I have accepted. I may be interested in more hats if anyone else has any.

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