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circusboy90210 09-05-12 11:09 PM

rainforest cafee....
would like to start out that I really like the conecept and have nothing personal against the workers there. I'm making reference to the management of the rainforest cafe in chicago that tried to stifle my first amendment rights and tell me that I was not allowed to street perform in front of their store on a public . sidewalk. the city alderman for the area has verified that anything 15' from the curb is public property. the street performers regulations for the city of chicago allow this. it was then found out through the vp of the company they have no rights over this sidewalk as it is a public sidewalk. vps parking turned out to be the ones who continued to illegally make false police reports. it seemed the parking staff changed right before the police arrived . I would like anyone who street performs and can do so without blocking lthe sidewalk to perform here and help fight against this evil corporation that thinks they have the right to stifle what our armed forces fought to defend for hundreds of years, freedom of speech. please show up and inform them they indeed do not have control over a public venue!!!!!

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