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Alain 10-11-12 10:06 AM

SOLD - Custom Bigfoot Stilts for sale
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I am trying here before I ebay these puppies.

My personal pair of bigfoot stilts are for sale.

They have seen 2 gigs since 2009. They are basically BRAND NEW. A new child at home means my professional stilt-walking isn't as busy as it used to be, and I can't justify keeping them. My loss is your gain!

These are not your uncle's drywall stilts. They are patented, bending toe, toe articulated stilts. The best on the planet... These are the stilts that Stretch went through TWO marathons, and the exclusive stilts for all Disney and Universal Studios stilt-walkers - where those corporations buy dozens of pairs every year.

You can stand still, walk, skip, RUN, jump and more on Big Foot stilts. As comfortable a stilt as it gets. As stable a stilt as it gets.

Normally a when someone like you or me orders a set, we pay in full and wait six to twelve months for delivery. And pay in full we do - close to $4,000.00 for a new set of these. Yes these are 10 times the cost of a set of drywall stilts. Big bucks? You bet! And worth every penny.

As stretch has said "I asked myself when I ordered my second set, "how much is it worth to NOT squash some kid?" or have a stilt break and cause me to fall?."

A little more about this particular pair:

Most of these stilts are used by 6'+, 200lb guys wearing dozens of pounds of costume over them, so they are bullet-proof. The "regular" Bigfoots are also heavy and way to big for smaller people. I'm 5'6", 140lbs, and got this pair custom made for someone that size. Having said that - they are good up to 250lbs...

- I got the maker of Bigfoots Stilts to make this custom pair as lightweight as possible, and they have been drilled with hundreds of lightening holes to save weight.
- They are 34" tall
- They have a pair of US Men's 7.5 shoes on them. They would fit shoe sizes from 7-10
- They come with a second set of "soling" feet for them.

I'm asking $2,500.00 + shipping in a custom-made wooden crate.

If you are seriously interested email me off this forum. See this webpage for my contact info:

I don't expect these to last long.

Alain Bard
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Alain 04-29-13 10:38 AM

I am motivated to sell these and would let them go for US$2000 and would even ship them anywhere in the US/Canada (except HI/Alaska) for free. They would be shipped in a heavy wooden crate.

Alain 07-10-13 12:31 PM

These are still for sale.

Chance 07-11-13 08:48 AM

With all due respect, maybe you are asking too much:

Articulating, spring-assisted, rated to 450lbs per pair, and fully warranteed. $260USD. Free shipping.

And it doesn't help that your only 3 posts in here are about trying to sell us your stuff.

Alain 07-14-13 09:35 PM

You can't do this on construction stilts:

The comparison to construction stilts is like comparing a Kia to the space shuttle... For those who have tried Bigfoots, there is no comparison. Bigfoot stilts are the only thing used at the big theme parks like Disney and Universal. There is a reason for this.

For a real stilt-performer wanting the best, these are it. These are patented by Gary Ensmenger, and custom made by him. I'm selling for over 50% off. They are a very specific piece of performance equipment, and when someone who's looking for a pair of used bigfoots (which come up for sale about once every 5 years) finds out about these, I expect they will sell.

Chance 07-16-13 01:02 AM

For $2000 I could buy enough tubing to make 30 pairs and go into business for myself:

Keep going. Maybe by your 20th senseless post someone as dumb as you were will take these off your hands.

Gregory Rush 07-16-13 10:14 AM

Hey Alain hang in there, some people knock you posting yet they only seem to post to knock people :) Not everyone here is grumpy and knows it all :D

Good Luck
Awesome video

Mr.Taxi Trix 07-16-13 10:43 AM

I have a pair, (but I bought them back when they were 450 bucks.) You can lean back and pick up a dropped club: it used to amaze people. 2500 would pay itself back in time, and they are unthinkably comfortable. Good tool for a steady stilt walker.

Chance 07-16-13 04:36 PM

I'm not grumpy, I'm pissed. is not here to sell off his overpriced junk. This thread is evidence that we should have had up a posting filter in order to avoid being spammed like this. This is what Craigslist or eBay is for. I'll happily take an ad like this from Taxi or Martin (who, btw, uses only wooden stilts) who have proven their committment to this community a hundred times over, but from a complete stranger it comes off as spam. Because it is.

Gregory Rush 07-16-13 04:44 PM

@ Chance

OK I see why you are mad, did you see his video though? Good video.
I thought I was in the For Sale wanted thread....

Gregory Rush 07-16-13 04:46 PM

@ Mr.Taxi Trix

Ya they look awesome I have used all kinds of stilts, never those.
I know some unicycles, small ones can go from $2,000.00 on up.
Freestyle trick uni's.
Some people are serious about precision, I am one of those people :)

Alain 02-01-14 11:55 AM

While I may not be an active member of this community, I do lurk sometimes, and for the record, I'm not just some random person, I'm an established performer here in my area. I've also performed in various places around the world. To find out more about me you can peruse my website (quoted in the ad).

I think the ad was placed in the appropriate category, in the appropriate interest-based website for them.

But thanks for spamming this thread over the last year, I appreciate it, as the stilts are now SOLD! ;)

martin ewen 03-24-14 03:55 PM

" is not here to sell off his overpriced junk."

Still with the cunty deluded emperor complex I see.

Performer sells performance equipment in the 'Items for sale' section of

Chance becomes annoyed.


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