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kokoP 11-10-12 01:15 PM

From Busker to ClownBusker...results
I am an infrequent Busker and infrequent Clown!
I've been watching allot of youtubes on clowning and improving my hat juggling skills. some gigs as a clown have came in recently (paid & unpaid) So I thought I'd better get more experience.
Yesterday I went to our local market, which is quite an established big affair!
I clowned and busked for 2 hours up and down the various isles in front of stalls, great reactions, this was the best fun I've had as a clown, I was mime-ing and playing Saxophones, some juggling with balls, as per watching the videos I copied peoples walk or stance and this worked very well. I used my Soprano sax as a fishing rod trying to real money into my hat, I raised smiles where ever I went (I was totally speechless....mime)
This felt great, I had a blast, I connected with people, I was very creative and in the moment.. but here's the kicker..... zero money.
I did get some free product from some of the stall holders, i.e. Chocolate, Fudge, and fresh Corriander.
Walking out past several other traditional musical buskers. I see plenty of dosh in their hats...... so I'm confused.

As clown in this years Santa Parade (which I've done for the last three years I get $100 per hour) and other fairs and festivals I've done for free for experience, what to do..... as I love the complete freedom of Clown Busking,....

Maybe I'm just not suited to the streets and need to take this into a more intimate polished arena.

It's not about the money...but some would definately feel good????

Advice please

Jimu & Kokopelli

davidkaye 11-10-12 03:42 PM

When somebody says "It's not about the money" it's usually about the money, or at least what the money represents.

As for solutions, I'd say that when people are confronted with a situation they're confused about, they don't know how to react. Take the stand-up comic, the woman who has breast cancer. She opened one of her shows, "Thank you thank you thank you, I have cancer." Some people gave nervous laughs, some clapped, but most just sat their mute. How are you supposed to react to something like that?

Well, how do you as a market customer react when you're intent on buying chocolates and ceramic chickens and a clown walks past you pretending to fish with a saxophone? They don't know how to react, so, like the people in the comic's audience, they don't react at all.

Now, I'm not a circle performer or a clown; I'm a street musician who stays in one place playing. I have a hat and a fold-up sign next to it showing a photo of my button accordion and a photo of a fistful of dollar bills, which reads, "Your tips keep music alive". It tells the audience that I survive on tips and that dollar bills are appropriate. People see the sign, reach into their pockets, and give me folding money.

Lee Nelson 11-11-12 03:14 AM

In a nutshell, you were mobile.
The challenge is to take the joy of clowning you found and manage to focus it all into only one space, and specifically, the hat in that space.
It is much harder to clown this way as you cannot just leave when it gets awkward and go and find a new audience. It requires consistancy and material.
Set some boundaries and carry on ...

dawndream 11-12-12 12:38 PM

^^ YES! great advice. More difficult, but awesome.

jeep caillouet 11-13-12 08:49 PM

Here's a routine you might like...this routine came from a clown in NOLA, America named "Toots" sometime from the early 80s. Nearly every clown to come outta NOLA the next 10 to 15 years did this routine. First off you need a squeaker, that is maybe a bird whistle or the little barrel from inside a squeakie toy for a dog, etc. they work the best and you can then talk in a squeaky voice. Lay out a small rope for a ring, stop the people by doing some sort of magic ,changing color silks etc., grab the best looking chick, interactive rope trick such as cut rope tie it back together slide nott etc.,bra trick that is use the girl to tie 2 good size scarfs together with bra hidden inside one stuff this in girls shirt throw silk to look as if it went into the scarfs get 2 big guys to come up and hold the ends of the scarfs on the count of 3( every body counts) they pull the scarfs and the bra pops out, every one laughs you pass the hat you make $$$. This is about a 12 or 15 minute show and you should do 3 or 4 shows per hour. You can buy the bra trick in most magic stores or make one yourself . Good luck . Has any one seen "Toots" lately? I saw him in Key West a few years ago and he was teaching a young lady to clown and I think living in Gulfport , Mississippi.

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