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lucy lynn 11-14-12 04:54 AM

watch Busker Festivals - videoclips
hi all,
im filming a lot at busker festivals, will be posting some of the clips
ive done for you to watch and see fellow performer friends, here:

lets start of with:

"Festival Fantastika 2012" (Freistadt, A)


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zoobie 11-22-12 05:16 AM

Hi Lucy -
Been there, done that.
I always found filming buskerfests challenging since I usually ended up outside the edge. I've since gone back to creating music and writing. However, long before Youtube, Vimeo, and all the rest, there was Busker Alley.

lucy lynn 12-09-12 05:13 PM

and here one from "Pflasterspektakel Linz 2012"

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